Top 14 Oracle Online Resources to Upskill

Do you have questions when using Oracle? Combing through online resources and purchasing costly materials and courses can be a hassle! Fortunately, the experts at ShipERP have done the heavy lifting for you.

There are a ton of FREE Oracle online resources that can help you level up your skills in:
  • Oracle Cloud ERP
  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Oracle Cloud SCM-OTM

We're going to share 14 online resources for Oracle that you can begin using today to improve your skills.

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Oracle Cloud ERP

1. Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Training and Certification

Oracle has its own “university,” which will allow you or your workforce to begin training in ERP and even get certified. Free and paid options exist, and there are easy-to-follow learning paths that are designed to help you reach your proficiency goals in the shortest among of time possible.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and learn from Oracle, this is the right resource for you.

2. Oracle Learning YouTube Channel

The Oracle Learning YouTube channel is a true gem of a resource for anyone who prefers to learn visually. You can find great videos on Cloud ERP, but there are also plenty of options to learn about EBS and other technologies.

3. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Tutorials

LinkedIn has a great resource, which you can use to find tutorials on many of Oracle’s cloud technologies. You'll find ample options to choose from, and most of the videos will bring you to lengthy YouTube videos, where you can master these techniques.

4. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a lot of excellent information on Oracle's ERP platform, such as the history of the platform and its evolution over time. However, the page's true value comes from the Events section, where you can look for Oracle-specific events.

These events are wonderful for anyone trying to learn more about Oracle and needs offline resources to help them.

5. Cloud ERP for Dummies

Oracle also has its own eBook, Cloud ERP for Dummies, and it’s a great resource with a lot of information to absorb. However, you will need to give them your email address and some information before you can download the eBook.


Oracle Cloud


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

6. Oracle by Example Tutorials

Oracle has a great resource on EBS, where they show you how to use EBS with step-by-step tutorials. Guides will walk you through the entire process, and they’re broken down into tasks, depending on your EBS goals.

For example, you can go through a tutorial on provisioning a new EBS environment on Oracle Cloud using one-click provisioning, or you can follow along with the advanced provisioning tutorial.

7. Oracle E-Business Suite Tutorials

LinkedIn also has another fantastic page that posts nothing but tutorials on how to use EBS. You'll find that just like the previous resource for LinkedIn, most of these posts will lead you to very in-depth YouTube videos that walk you through learning EBS.

8. YouTube

Some of the best Oracle online resources are on YouTube. The platform really has such great resources and videos, but keep in mind that some are older. You'll want to go through the newer videos, including many of the beginner tutorials if this is your first time using the platform.

There are also many videos from training companies that offer some free lessons online that will help you skill up for free.


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Oracle Cloud SCM-OTM

9. Oracle Quick Tours

Oracle Quick Tours has dozens of great videos that will help you master SCM-OTM. For example, there are tutorials on supply planning on the cloud or tracking in the pharma business.

You'll find a wealth of great information on the channel.

However, there haven’t been many new videos uploaded in the past two years. The information that is available is top-notch.

10. Oracle Transportation Management Training and Certification

Oracle has its own training platform, and while there aren’t many options available, the OTM 6.3 Core Competence course is one of the best available. You'll learn the ins and outs of OTM, how to customize pages, enter data, execute buy shipments and so much more, all from one single course.

11. Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training: Complete Guide

Rainbow Training Institute decided to sponsor an amazing online tutorial on SCM. The training lasts for over 1 hour and 20 minutes, so there’s a wealth of great information to learn. You won’t learn everything about SCM in this video, but it will give you a good foundation you can build off of and feel comfortable with when using SCM.

12. Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Training and Certification

Oracle University also has a lot of fantastic resources that will help you master SCM. Paid and free resources are available, and the free options will help you get a good feel of how to use SCM in real-world scenarios.

Multiple learning paths are available, and you can begin learning for free and upgrade in the future to the Cloud Learning Subscription if you want more detailed training.





Oracle online resources wouldn’t be complete without listing some of the biggest Oracle-specific events in the industry. Two main events are held annually, which you may be able to attend online or in-person:

13. Oracle OpenWorld

OpenWorld, now renamed to CloudWorld, is a conference you’ll want to add to your calendar. The event happens in October and spans three days. You'll learn invaluable information about everything Oracle-related from the developers and people that use Oracle to run their businesses.

There are so many ways to learn at CloudWorld that Oracle has decided to outline them all here.

Opportunities for learning include:

  • Hands-on labs
  • Learning sessions
  • Lightning sessions and demos
  • Certifications
  • Much more

14. Quest Oracle Community

Quest holds conferences throughout the year, and it’s another great opportunity for anyone who wants to master Oracle software. You’ll find multiple different events being held, such as the Oracle Cloud ERP event, Oracle HCM and EPM events, too.

Many of the events are webinars, so they’re easy to join and start leveling up your skills.

You're sure to find a great way to improve your skills using the Oracle online resources above. However, if you're looking for even more resources, check out our expertly curated list of MUST-READ books for Oracle Career Growth

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