Q&A with an ERP Integrated Solutions Sales Team Member

Please provide a brief description of what you do here at ERP Integrated Solutions.

My role is inside sales at ERP Integrated Solutions. I find not only prospective customers, but the current ERP system, who is the right person to contact within the company, what is the current product used [by the company], and what projects the company is working on. Once I’ve determined that there is a potential prospect, my job is to capture that attention and garner time with those people. It takes patience, organization, and excellent writing and speaking skills.

What makes working at ERP Integrated Solutions fulfilling to you? 

This company has a unique product that is highly desirable. Also, my personal fulfillment comes from success in bringing together ERP Integrated Solutions with a prospective customer. Finding the right company at the right time is similar to finishing a puzzle or fixing a broken device. It’s challenging, but the result brings excitement and joy.

Sales Development Representative Dan Sherman exhibiting at an ASUG chapter meeting
Dan Sherman exhibiting at an ASUG chapter meeting.

Describe the ERP Integrated Solutions company culture in your own words. 

Family: We are a small and continually growing company with high flexibility. When someone asks for help, you can get it. We eat together, work long hours together and play together. There have been times where I have made mistakes or gotten upset. However, we work through it, forgive and work together. Everyone gets tired and frustrated, but as a team, we build each other up. Unlike a large corporation, we care about our company and each other.

What advice would you have for others who want to work for ERP Integrated Solutions?

Be prepared to work in a fast-paced growing environment. You may play multiple roles and deal with challenges that are not easy. In a fast-paced growing environment, we are all accountable. No job is too small. To support our team, I sometimes help with basic office administration tasks. It’s not in my job description, but I do it because I love our company and it gives an opportunity to support our team. If you work for ERP Integrated Solutions, you might have to attend a trade show or deal with a customer service issue that you hadn’t anticipated. We need you to be part of the solution no matter the challenge.

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