Catapult Carrier Communication with CarrierPORTAL

What’s a shipping feature that all consumers want? The ability to track their packages, of course! 

You can do more than meeting your customers’ expectations. You can also gain greater visibility in the shipping process. That's where the SAP web portal solution CarrierPORTAL comes in to help you achieve both goals. It sounds like a win-win situation! 

With the visual guide below, discover how a carrier portal software can enhance your supply chain. 

CarrierPORTAL Infographic


Your Positive Experiences with CarrierPORTAL

Kick back and relax as you automate your shipping and delivery process. This carrier portal solution can bridge the technology gap between your supply chain and your shipping providers, thanks to the mobile-friendly interface. If you manage your fleets, a carrier portal software is an ideal solution to gain visibility into your shipping execution process. 

Here’s what CarrierPORTAL can do for you: 

  • Use business rules to assign carriers and tracking numbers to shipments
  • Automatically receive delivery statuses of shipments in real-time 
  • Instantly receive proof of delivery with digital signatures through the carrier portal
  • Access the carrier portal on any web browser and mobile device 

Your Future in Transparent Shipping

Thanks to ShipERP’s carrier portal solution, you’re able to stay updated on your shipment’s delivery status! No longer will you stress over uncertainty and confusion regarding your shipments. 

Never lose track of your shipments ever again! Here’s the process on how you’ll use CarrierPORTAL for greater visibility: 

  1. Assign shipments to specific carriers in the carrier portal
  2. The carrier accesses the assigned shipments in the carrier portal on any web or mobile device. 
  3. Following instructions, the carrier picks up the assigned shipment at the specified location. 
  4. The carrier uses the carrier portal to send notifications when the shipment is in-transit and delivered. 
  5. When the shipment arrives at its destination, the carrier can automatically send the proof of delivery with a digital signature. 

Your Future Return on Investment with CarrierPORTAL

With a single tool, your supply chain can benefit immensely from greater shipping transparency. Visibility grants you more ways to save freight expenses and expedite logistics processes. This carrier portal software is just the tipping point to a better and more robust supply chain!

CarrierPORTAL will help you reach higher supply chain capabilities! Here’s how: 

  • Gain real-time visibility on the shipment execution processes 
  • Expedite invoice generation with digital signatures as proof of delivery 
  • Easy onboarding with carrier integration using the mobile-friendly web portal 
  • Access dashboard reporting and valuable metrics for better decision-making 


What are you waiting for? It’s time to expedite and enhance your carrier communication with a carrier portal solution!

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