A Visual Guide to Stress-Free Denied Party Screening with ShipDPS

While the government does release lists of organizations and people you can't ship to, it's up to your company to conduct the denied party screenings.

Sometimes, your supply chain is not as simple as just pick, pack, and ship. You must factor in compliance with your processes, especially when you risk costly legal penalties and worse.

Do you worry about shipping your products to the wrong people? Learn how to avoid shipping to the bad guys with a denied party screening software like ShipDPS!


ShipDPS Denied Party Screening infographic


Your Future ShipDPS Benefits

By introducing denied party screenings into your shipping processes, you ';ll gain greater control over your supply chain.

What will your supply chain be able to do with ShipDPS?

  • Run denied party screenings in real-time
  • Access to MK Data Services government-certified lists
  • Display details of reason for denial
  • Perform at the sales order and delivery level for accuracy
  • Block shipments when denied parties are identified
  • Seamless integration with SAP

For more information on denied party screenings, visit ShipERP's resource on Denied Party Screening: How to Avoid Shipping to the Bad Guys.


Denied Party Screening Checklist Items

It's time consuming to verify each detail of your customer's information. That is wasted time that can be spent elsewhere to improve your supply chain process. Improve your shipment speed while avoiding legal penalties with ShipDPS. At every shipment stage, the denied party screening software constantly checks the following details:

  • Customer information (i.e., name, contact, etc.)
  • End-users' information (i.e., name, contact, etc.)
  • Organization name
  • Suppliers and vendors (i.e., name, contact, etc.)
  • Consultants (i.e., name, contact, etc.)
  • Freight forwarders (i.e., name, contact, etc.)
  • Customs brokers (i.e., name, contact, etc.)
  • Transaction records
  • Alternative name spellings
  • And more!


Your Future Return on Investment with ShipDPS

With ShipDPS, you'll be able to enhance your supply chain's legal compliance while improving your processes' efficiency. No need to concern yourself with making errors while manually verifying shipment information!

What will your supply chain gain with ShipDPS?

  • Avoid government penalties, like denial of business practices
  • Improve your logistics flow
  • Reduce shipment processing time
  • Prevent costly legal fines
  • Gain transparency to potential denied party issues
  • Greater control of your supply chain processes

Discover automated denied party screening

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