Eliminate Manual Freight Auditing Processes with AuditERP

Is your freight auditing process too long? Are you confident in quickly identifying any discrepancies on your carrier invoices? If you agree with these questions, it’s time to simplify and automate your freight auditing with AuditERP! Learn more about how AuditERP can let you kickback and enjoy your coffee.

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Your Freight Auditing Benefits with AuditERP

Many freight carriers present their freight charges and information differently and, therefore, make it difficult for you to manually keep up with the freight invoices and bills. Luckily, AuditERP can transform your processes to perform freight audit accurately without outsourcing! Check out what AuditERP can do for you.

  • Review and compare carrier freight invoices with estimated freight costs
  • Configure a formal approval process using business rules for invoices
  • Easily report any identified discrepancies during the review to carriers
  • Automatically upload all invoice files in one centralized location
  • Eliminate reliance on outsourced auditors to keep all important data in-house


Your Future Automated Freight Auditing Process

Without an automated solution for conduct freight audits, your supply chain department must manually follow the steps below without a centralized system. Avoid drowning under a mountain of paperwork with automated online software that consolidates your freight invoices.

  1. Upload all your invoice files onto a centralized platform for easy access and management
  2. Categorize the invoices by carriers and sort by date for comparison
  3. Verify the freight charges which includes accessorial costs, discounts, and taxes to identify errors and potential duplicates
  4. Analyze the invoice data to identify patterns such as price hikes
  5. Identify cost-saving opportunities like optimizing freight truck capacity and shipment loading turnaround time
  6. Set benchmarks for realistic cost-saving goals based on the freight invoice data available

Want more secrets to perfecting your freight auditing skills? Check out your go-to cheat sheet for accurately auditing your freight bills.

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Your Return on Investment with AuditERP

Not only can automation ensure your company isn’t paying overcharges, but it also identifies opportunities for you to save and cut costs, like human resources. Improve your overall supply chain processes with AuditERP!

  • Increase freight audit accuracy with robust monitoring
  • Eliminate manual auditing processes and human errors
  • Save transportation and shipping costs to improve your logistics
  • Reduce freight auditing processing time by eliminating various auditing steps


Discover how companies like MCR Safety and A. O. Smith use the software AuditERP to automate their freight bill auditing.

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