Expert Advice: Excel in Shipping with Master Data Governance

Did you know how companies are adapting in a constantly changing supply chain environment? Meet Matthew Phu, President of Laidon Group, a provider of SimpleMDG, who can tell you all about how you can not only adapt to but excel above your peers with master data governance.

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How did you get to where you are today and how long have you been in the supply chain industry?

I completed both my bachelor's degree in Distribution Management and MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California. In addition, I have over 20 years of SAP experience and multiple full lifecycle SAP implementations with a focus on Sales and Distribution and Material Management modules.


Do you see inefficiencies in supply chains resulting from the lack of quality data?

Yes, I have witnessed inefficiencies in supply chains resulting from the lack of quality data. It is a common occurrence for me to see material master data in SAP that have incorrect weights and dimensions. This affects so many areas of the business, from customer service providing an incorrect freight estimate to the shipping department having to manually correct the weights and dimensions on the shipments.

The supply chain environment is constantly evolving. What should businesses do to adapt?

With the constant changes in the supply chain environment, businesses also have many tools available to not only adapt but excel. One of the tools is a solution to help manage and automate SAP master data maintenance. 

We understand that managing SAP master data is a challenge for most companies, but it does not have to be that way. Having a solution to manage SAP master data allows companies to have trusted and high-quality data. This is a vital step because companies can use their trusted data for analytics and have confidence in the data to make informed decisions.


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What is SimpleMDG's vision and mission? What kinds of services does the company provide?

The vision of SimpleMDG is to provide a SAP Cloud solution that helps companies manage their master data easier by providing a simple way to implement and an intuitive and friendly user interface. 

Any digital transformation relies on data. And so, the our mission is to deliver trusted data to your company with SimpleMDG. Our scalable product offers a central platform to quickly manage, change, and distribute master data while meeting compliance standards.


You are have a webinar called Take Charge of Your Supply Chain with Master Data Governance. What will your audience learn from this webinar?

We have several objectives for this webinar. First, as the title of the webinar, we want to equip supply chain managers and their organizations with solutions and practices that they can proactively implement to increase their supply chain competitiveness.

Secondly, with data privacy becoming more important, we want to show how an organization's supply chain can protect sensitive business data.

Third, we want to demonstrate how quickly organizations can implement master data standards and business rules to stay compliant with their company's standards as well as regulatory and ultimately, reduce cost.

Lastly, supply chain can increase net new revenues and reduce time to market by reducing the set up time and streamlining the process to accelerate new product launch.

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