Get Real-Time Freight Data at Your Fingertips with ShipSOI

Tired of not having your freight data on hand? Enable faster and higher visibility of your freight information with ShipSOI, the SAP-integrated sales order integration software. Not only will you be able to pull up freight costs in seconds, but you’ll also be introducing many functionalities to the SAP Sales Order level for a streamlined shipment processing in your supply chain.

ShipSOI Infographic

Your ShipSOI Benefits

  • Easily integrate e-commerce systems with freight carriers
  • Perform carrier determination and rate quoting at carrier/service level
  • Automatically execute billing option determination within the sales order level
  • Create packing proposals for warehouse fulfillment efficiency

Your Future Sales Order Process with ShipSOI

  1. Full carrier service selection at the shipping point or ship-set level
  2. Freight rate quoting at multiple shipping points
  3. Create a packing proposal for the warehouse team to execute
  4. Perform shipment splits to optimize delivery time
  5. Trace shipments in SAP with a generated tracking number
  6. Provide and store proof of delivery within the SAP


Your Return on Investment with ShipSOI

  • Greatly decrease shipment processing speed
  • Optimize warehouse processes for faster fulfillment time
  • Quickly retrieve freight information without interrupting the transportation team’s workflow
  • Greater visibility of freight costs within the order entry level

With ShipSOI, you’ll be able to enhance your SAP Sales Order level with freight functionalities that will empower your customer service and sales entry personnel to make cost-saving decisions for faster shipping processes.


Interested in optimizing your supply chain?

Our ShipSOI customers achieved:

  • Reduced 10-minute order processing time to 10 seconds
  • Increased daily processed orders by 30%
  • Reduced shipment processing time by 20%

Read all about our customers’ journeys with ShipSOI in our case studies. Gain insight as to how companies, like Belimo Americas and Scentsy, were able to save costs, streamline shipment processes, and generate real-time visibility.

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