Inside ShipAVM: The Hard-Hitter That Tackles Address Correction Fees

The supply chain world is getting more and more complex, but all shippers still deal with inaccurate shipment address data. Imagine spending so much time and resources into preparing a package, only for it to be delivered to the wrong address just because of a slight error. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare for you, the customer service team, and most importantly, the customer?

Your customer would feel unsatisfied with your company and your brand reputation may collapse. You may even lose their business to a competitor!

Don’t leave this issue unresolved. Save shipping costs and boost your customer satisfaction with ShipAVM, the street-level address validation software that resides within SAP.

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Your Future ShipAVM Benefits

Do you want to improve performance, reduce shipping expenses, and keep your customers happy? With an address validation solution, you’re guaranteed to achieve those goals.

Here’s how you can feel at ease with ShipAVM:

  • Perform street-level address validation directly within SAP 
  • Detect address errors and receive correct suggestions to choose from
  • Block deliveries when incorrect addresses are detected before they leave the door
  • Resolve all address errors at multiple moments in the shipping process: at the shipment creation level, at the sales order creation level, and at the customer master data creation.

Quickly Catch These Costly Errors Using ShipAVM

As your businesses grows larger and larger, you’ll discover the need to automate parts of the shipping process. You don’t have the time to manually check each address to ensure it is compliant and shipping ready!

Examples of costly address errors:

  • Incorrect address formatting 
  • Incorrect city/zip code 
  • Missing or wrong street/apartment number 
  • Missing or wrong street name


Your Future Return on Investment with ShipAVM

According to US Postal Services, $20 billion is spent annually on “undeliverable as addressed” shipments. You don’t want to fall in these numbers! Over time, address correction fees will only stack up. You can easily resolve this expensive challenge with an address validation software like ShipAVM.

ShipAVM see these immediate results:

  • Eliminate costly address correction fees
  • Improve customer loyalty to your company 
  • Gain confidence in your address data 
  • Comply with regulations around the globe


To learn more about how ShipAVM can automatically catch and correct address errors, watch the on-demand webinar: The Anatomy of Error-Free Shipping Addresses.

  • Tour the ShipAVM solution with our SAP expert
  • Learn how to ensure your shipping addresses are compliant
  • Find the answers to common address validation questions

Discover how ShipAVM customers like Belimo Americas gained the confidence to accelerate their shipment process time from 10 minutes to 10 seconds.

Validate Your Shipping Addresses

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