Surviving NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

Retail's Big Event—NRF 2023 is just around the corner in New York City! The world's largest retail conference unites businesses from around the globe. Have you figured out how to survive this event? If not, we've listed the essential tips to help you survive the conference week.


While this guide is called Surviving NRF 2023, we hope it’s the difference between surviving and thriving. If you’re a newcomer, don’t worry—we've got your back!


Let’s get started!



ShipERP at NRF—For the First Time!

We can't compete with Simone Biles (and we won't try), but like Ms. Biles, we understand that passion drives excellence! 

We at ShipERP have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the most sophisticated (and cost-efficient) supply chain solutions to help you compete and go for gold. Stop by Booth 1045 anytime before or after Ms. Biles speaks to see firsthand why we're the difference-maker for companies like Porsche, Boeing, Callaway Golf, Gulfstream Aerospace, and many, many more! 


Hot Topics to Focus on NRF 2023 Conference

We have achieved greater intelligence, speed, and creativity than in any previous era. We are no longer only maintaining our status quo; it is time for us to make progress. The Retail's Big Show is the most important event in the retail industry.

NRF 2023 will be on AI-based, codeless automation technologies that provide considerable cost savings and increases in retailers' productivity throughout the business.

Here are the NRF 2023 event’s highlights for each day:

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Topic: CRM Loyalty 


The Store of the Future is Less About the Store and More About the Business Model – Sunday, January 15

If stores aren't operated as places of sale, they will remain relevant and become more strategic. Stores are best at acquiring and engaging consumers when they're:

  • Logistical, 

  • Service oriented 

  • Experience hubs

Retail organizations must shift from a product-and-operations-focused to a customer-centric strategy, which requires new KPIs and approaches to analyze stores' contribution to attracting, retaining, and engaging more customers, boosting their lifetime value.

During this session of the NRF 2023 conference, you will receive comprehensive customer service insigts!


Collaborative Sustainability: Leveraging Supplier’s Sustainability Stories – Monday January 16

Supply chain structure influences a company's ability to achieve sustainability goals.

Retailers require sustainable products, suppliers, and operations. Retailers and suppliers work together to enhance packaging and develop new products.


In this session, you will learn the following:

  • What kind of collaborative efforts provide the most meaningful outcomes for sustainability, 
  • How do they start, 
  • And the hurdles they face.
  • Research


North American Grocery Retailing Trends for 2023 – Sunday, January 15

Macroeconomic variables (such as supply chain problems and inflation) and fickle client preferences will influence the supermarket landscape.

This session will discuss how new challenges will drive grocery businesses to alter their strategy and operations.




Topic: Innovation/Trends/Future


Retail Strategies for Major Disruptors: Climate Change, Cost of Living, Viral Outbreaks, Crypto, Web 3 - Sunday, January 15

Retailers' plans are disrupted by things like global warming, rising costs of living, cryptocurrencies, the third generation Internet, and pandemics. How do you respond when conditions vary?

In this session, Kate Ancketill, CEO of GDR, will provide insight into what is on the horizon and aid in prioritizing a range of strategies. This will enable organizations to adapt flexibly in response to a wide range of types of disruption.


Topic: Leadership


Purpose Driven Retail: Chobani, Hollister, and Nordstrom Share Their Stories – Sunday, January 15

To succeed, brands must operate in a way beneficial for shareholders, the earth, and local communities. In this session, deliberate retail pioneers discuss mindful capitalism.


Topic: Food/QSR/Grocery


But will it fly? The lowdown on drones – Monday, January 16

Drones are merchant outliers for last-mile deliveries. Increasing numbers of stores are now offering drone delivery as a last-mile alternative, and consumers seem to appreciate it. The fundamentals of drones will be covered in this highlighted session.

 Execute a Digital Transformation of Your Supply Chain


Topic: International/Global


Re-Imagining Online Holiday Shopping: How Luxury Brands are Innovating Holiday Shopping Experiences- Monday January 16

In China, e-commerce innovation is important to enticing consumers, especially holiday shoppers. Luxury firms are targeting technologically savvy consumers.

This session focuses on how high-end retailers are changing the holiday shopping landscape.


Here, There, Everywhere: International Strategies for Selling Direct to Consumer- Monday January 16

More brands are going direct to customers across borders instead of using marketplaces and middlemen. D2C reduces transaction and delivery costs and allows companies to engage directly with customers to create unique experiences and develop long-term relationship.

This NRF 2023 session will concentrate on global techniques for selling directly to consumers.


A Look Ahead to 2023: Impasse or Opportunity for a New Path- Monday January 16

In 2022, global issues disrupted the retail business. Inflation, conflict, pandemic, global warming, supply chain problems, shifting government policies, and de-globalization have all occurred. Dr. Ira Kalish, Deloitte's Chief Global Economist, will discuss these issues in this session.


Future Drivers 2025: Strategies that will Shape Your Business – Monday, January 16

Andrea Bell, of WGSN, will be sharing vital information and actionable tactics that may be put into place immediately to ensure your future success.


How to Build a Global Super Brand – Tuesday, January 17

Super brands have devoted customers even when they have exposure to rival brands.

Learn how to dominate your market with research, innovation, and recognition to establish loyalty and trust from this session.


New Technology & Partnerships


Topic: New Technology (AR, VR, AI, ML)/Payments/Robotics


Beauty’s Blush with Technology – Tuesday, January 17

AI and AR are creating seamless, multichannel purchasing experiences. Retailers and companies are boosting customer loyalty and revenue by offering interactive, immersive, and sustainable solutions.

This session explains how it works and how the current technology is only a foundation.


Topic: Partnerships


Closing the Loop: Reddit and R/GA Discuss Commerce, Community and the Consumer Now in Web 3.0 – Tuesday, January 17

These C2C titans know where they are and where they're going, including Web 3.0. This session will link industries, communities, and experiences. Why not attend this?


New call-to-action

Topic: Supply Chain/Operations


Nothing to Hide: Full Transparency on Sustainability – Tuesday, January 17

Levi's and Chipotle support sustainable business practices. In this discussion, they explain why sustainable business transparency drives these businesses' business strategies. Authentic, sustainable solutions are a major distinction for conscientious customers.


Creating a Data-Driven Culture of Innovation at Woolworth’s Group – Tuesday, January 17

In this session, you will learn how the Woolworths Group is rethinking the future of retail by playing a critical role in the industry through the use of technology.


Simone Biles x NRF x ShipERP-1


Sightseeing NYC


If this is your first time in New York this time of year, dress warm! Temperatures in January hover just below freezing, with lows well into the negatives! However, the city is bustling with life, even when it's a frigid winter wonderland--here are our top three recommendations (in addition to seeing Simone Biles and Kal Penn, of course): 


NYC Winter Jazzfest 

With over 700 artists performing at different venues across NYC, Jazzfest has evolved from a one-day event into a full-blow, week-long festival! Jazz fans and music lovers alike won't want to miss the tail end of this event. 

Ice Skating at Rockefeller

If you've been to New York before, we do apologize, but we had to include the city's most famous ice skating rink and Christmas tree! Even if skating isn't your thing (or you simply don't want to brave the line), the tree itself is a sight to behold. 

Winter Markets

Starting in October and running through March, The Winter Village in Bryant Park opens its doors to the best winter market in NYC. It's largely regarded as the best because of its adjacent ice rink, but there are plenty of markets and shops offering a similarly amazing winter experience! 


Wrapping Up


NRF may provide your company with a multitude of ideas, enthusiasm, and learning outcomes. It also offers novel insights into the present status of global commerce for companies seeking to extend their worldwide presence or explore new market prospects.

Join NRF 2023 if you're interested in exploring market opportunities, discovering cutting-edge innovations that revolutionize retail, and gaining access to up-to-date global customer research.

Want to get even more out of Retail’s Big Show? Scroll on for even more opportunities to soak up knowledge at NRF 2023!


Sessions: Sunday, January 15


Young-Gen: Paradoxes and Parallels

Flexibility and imagination are required to box and bow an awareness of the approaching customer properly.

Discover how to manage this up-and-coming young cohort from the specialists already leading the charge by attending this session.


Under the Influence: Building Successful Brand Collaborations with content creators

Hollister and Forever 21 will share their insights on what makes brand cooperation effective in an interactive discussion led by an expert in the field.


Versed in the metaverse: How can brands participate in the next frontier of digital experience

In this session, Roblox welcomes Tommy Hilfiger and NARS to share how businesses use virtual storefronts, innovative virtual experiences built on Roblox, and community co-creation to advance their brands.


Fueling fulfillment: American Eagle Outfitters’ quiet platform levels the playing field for smaller retailers

Smaller stores require assistance improving efficiency, profitability, and durability while reducing cost, time, and wastage.

Shekar Natarjan, CSCO of AEO subsidiary Quiet Platforms, will discuss opening up retailers' logistics and delivery networks.


The great reshuffle: building and sustaining a dynamic frontline workforce

As new retail models emerge and worker duties change, retailers are redefining how they recruit, train, motivate, and empower workers.

During this session, experts will talk to industry leaders about their strategies for developing and maintaining a vibrant frontline staff.


Curated, captivating, contemporary: A blueprint for physical stores

In an omnichannel world, what's the future of physical stores? It's not only about growth. Manufacturers adding stores focus on increased services, savvy collaborations, and media trends. 2023's stores must be engaging, interesting, and community-focused.

During this NRF session, the speakers will have a conversation with a few retailers who are taking risks and gaining the loyalty of their customers.


NYC’s virtual store tour: New stores shine with innovation and creativity

The 2023 NYC virtual store tour includes the year's best store openings.

Join this session of NRF to explore retail developments, analytics, and innovation in fashion, home, food, and more.


Beyond Bricks: How LEGO blends physical and digital experiences to create retailtainment

LEGO celebrates 90 years as a pioneering brand. Martin Urrutia leads the Global Retail Experience & Innovation team in Denmark. His team develops, pilots, and rolls out innovative experiences and platforms that connect shoppers and customers across retail touch points.

"In this session, Martin will go through how he and his team are combining offline and online activities to create exciting new LEGO-themed activities that can be experienced in any LEGO-branded setting."


Sessions: Monday, January 16


When currency isn’t monetary: Could belonging and culture be the retail currency of the future?

By attending this session, you'll discover how one company boosted revenues by 44% and tripled EBITDA by fostering a culture of purpose and belonging among its workers, customers, and partners.


Building an innovative and personalized luxury experience with FARFETCH and Harrods

At this session, FARFETCH's Chief Platform Officer Kelly Kowal and brand partner Harrods will talk about the difficulties and successes they've had creating a global business model and how they're adapting to meet the needs of modern consumers through technological advancements and individualized service.


Racing into resale: Recommerce is the future for luxury but its authenticity is key

Luxury resale is expanding, proving to be faster than traditional retail, and many businesses want a piece of the action. Exciting prospects come with responsibilities. Authenticity is key while sourcing. Success requires savvy partners.

In this session, experts will speak with the leaders of the luxury resale world to find out what it takes to create a thriving industry.


Retail Media Networks: How the physical store will power the next phase of growth

In this panel discussion with industry leaders, we'll take a look at how retail media networks are changing to adapt to customers' in-store and online buying habits.


Restaurant brands that don’t play by the rules

How do quick-service restaurants survive? Rule-following is overrated, undoubtedly!  Menus, media, data analytics, and deep fryer staffing are all being reevaluated.


In this session of NRF 2023, the specialists will offer lots of new ideas to chew on.


Sessions: Tuesday, January 17


Returns reckoning: Is the free ride over?

With shipping and labor costs rising, corporations are investigating various methods, including terminating free online returns. This seminar will outline how corporations are managing the problem and their challenges.


Can resale increase foot traffic in stores?

Resale is sustainable, adaptable, and popular but less lucrative than buying and selling in person. Is there potential for resale to increase store earnings, client traffic, and repeat business if executed properly?

Find out how reselling works in IKEA stores, get the inside scoop on WD Partners' study and peruse visual depictions of reselling areas for various product types from this session.


Executing a successful resale model: People, approach, functions, marketing and scale

Here you'll discover how to attain this objective, newer technology and tactics to propel your operations, goals, and outcomes to consider, and what's best for your business.


Top global consumer trends for retailers in 2023

Discover the major consumer trends affecting merchants and businesses from this event. Retail expert Michelle Evans will explain Euromonitor's annual global consumer trends assessment. 


Retail redefined: 2023 and beyond

Despite the current "macro upside down economy" and pandemic reset, buyers are resilient and merchants are laser-focused on preserving their allegiance. This session will discuss the retail scene in 2023 and the future of commerce.


Catering to today’s grocery consumer

Consumers aren't only food-picky. They're choosy about stores and shopping. Brands and retailers invest in beverages and food to better serve customers on numerous levels, from increased snack products to upgraded private label brands.


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