Your Quick Guide to PARCEL Forum '22

PARCEL Forum '22 is an event held for shippers and their logistics partners to learn how to streamline their delivery models and warehousing operations to remain competitive in this evolving landscape. This conference will be held in Chicago and will provide insights and strategies for those looking to ship more packages efficiently and effectively. ShipERP will be exhibiting at the PARCEL Forum '22 to experience and learn from the interactive workshops, training, and network with industry professionals. Write down Booth 626 on your checklist!


Parcel Forum '22 Workshop Sessions You Don't Want to Miss

Contract Negotiations

One of the workshop sessions that will be held at the PARCEL Forum 22 is the contract negotiation seminar, which will allow you to learn how to negotiate like an expert. This session will be held on Monday, October 10, between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the essential tactics, approaches, insights, and strategies to level the playing field with your carriers. Experts will use real-life negotiation instances to address the step-by-step actions that will improve your carrier’s performance and price. Attendees will get an opportunity to practice the new skills and strategies before applying them in life through interactive negotiation exercises offered exclusively at the training session. Some set of activities that attendees will conduct during this interactive workshop include:

  • In-session attendee polling
  • Problem-solving activities performed in small groups
  • Shipware’s archives case studies
  • Tips and techniques for evaluating your current carrier contracts
  • Group negotiation exercises 

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Acquiring Supply Chain Efficiencies Session

This engaging workshop session will involve obtaining supply chain efficiencies through various processes, strategies, people, and technologies. This event will be held on October 10 between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. This interactive session will aim at teaching companies and businesses how they would manage more customers, channels, and services while overcoming the uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity, and complexity of today’s world. This educational workshop will explore the new approaches you can apply to boost your efficiencies in the supply chain. The instructor will look at how companies are effectively addressing the supply chain issues, enhancing processes, an overview of emerging technologies, and how a business can adapt these techniques to bring value to your supply chain. This four-hour intensive workshop will cover: 

  • Ways how to reduce supply chain costs while improving and maintaining an excellent customer service
  • Ways to manage your supply chain to avoid functional pitfalls
  • How to coordinate all functions along the chain through shared objectives
  • Efficient practices for enhancing customer satisfaction through maximizing capital turnover and shorter cycle times
  • Building and developing standard performance metrics
  • How to work efficiently with partnerships and alliances in the extended supply chain
  • Using emerging digital technologies to improve performance like digital supply chains and blockchain


Chicago PARCEL Forum


What to do in Chicago

While joining ShipERP at the PARCEL Forum '22, we encourage you to spend time exploring some of the incredible attractions and sights that Chicago offers during your free time. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Chicago to enjoy together with your colleagues and the new network of friends from the event. The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Chicago, IL, where attendees will enjoy the various excellent amenities available at the facility.

You can explore Hyatt Regency O'Hare hotel, which is situated five minutes from O'Hare International Airport. This hotel has modern artistic designs that speak to leisure and business travelers. While attending the event, you will get a chance to meet with friends to enjoy cocktails or dine at the O'Hare American Grill, serving delicious American Cuisine. You will enjoy the stunning lobby, accessible check-in services, and spectacular social spaces with modern décor and high-tech features, providing an exciting experience while attending the conference.


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ShipERP's Invitation to PARCEL Forum '22: Booth 626

At ShipERP, we would love to see you at the PARCEL Forum '22 conference, which will be held on October 10 in Chicago, IL. Join us at the event since you will gain valuable experience and insights from professional instructors and educational workshops that will help improve your business and customer service delivery. The workshop, training sessions, and networking opportunities at the conference will enable you to manage your supply chain and work efficiently with partners and professionals in the industry.

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