How to Prevent Delays in Customs | Automated Export Shipping

Be compliance-ready with an export shipping software that makes AES filing easy (no more manual work!) and stress-free (no more mistakes!).

Are you shipping goods worth more than $2,500 out of the U.S.? If you are, you need to electronically file export documents to the customs authorities through the online Automated Export System (AES). 

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There’s no way you can ship internationally if you don’t declare your exports! Completing your AES filing can be a hassle if this step is separated from the rest of your shipping processes. 

That’s why you need ShipAES, an export compliance shipping software that can integrate with your SAP ERP software! Effortlessly file compliant export documents directly in your SAP platform. 


Automated Export Shipping with ShipAES


Your Seamless Exporting Benefits with ShipAES 

Various U.S. government agencies, including customs and foreign trade, require all exporters to file export information. Previously, exporters had to manually file paperbound export documents, which was error-prone and tedious. 

Thankfully, they introduced the AES to collect all the required export information for smooth customs clearance and export. Even so, this online step is segregated from the rest of your export processes. 

With ShipAES, your export process integrates AES filing directly into SAP. Here are the benefits of integrated export filing: 

  • Automate AES filing of export documents, like the Electronic Export Information (EEI) 
  • Validate your exports at the delivery or shipment level
  • Easily alter and amend the details of your export reports
  • Automatically assign tracking numbers (ITN) to your shipments
  • Coordinate all your exporting processes on one platform 


Your Future SAP Export Process with ShipAES 

SAP handles all your foreign export shipping processes and even create your required export documents. But the only step missing is the AES filing process! 

No need to sweat! Here’s how ShipAES will integrate into your SAP export process: 

  1. In SAP, create the sales order based on the information provided by the customer’s purchase order
  2. Input all transportation details, including transportation mode and delivery date, in the outbound delivery for the sales order
  3. Send the invoice to the customer, and SAP will automate the required export documents based on the invoice details
  4. The required export documents will automatically file to AES with ShipAES 

Compliance is crucial, and, luckily, the SAP system automatically checks the export details for federal accuracy during the export process. 


Your Future Return on Investment with ShipAES 

Thanks to the switch from paper to online AES filing, businesses significantly save costs and optimize their shipping processes. ShipAES takes it a step further by eliminating the online manual filing with integration.  

Here’s what you’ll gain in the long run with ShipAES: 

  • Avoid export delays due to compliance process mishaps
  • Prevent legal penalties and costly fines
  • Cut export processing time with automation
  • Eliminate the manual filing of export documents  

Is your business AES-compliance ready?

Learn about the fully-integrated AES platform

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