Surviving Manifest 2023

The future of logistics is here and Manifest 2023 is showcasing it live in Las Vegas! Join ShipERP (Booth #529) at Caesars Forum for the most comprehensive ecosystem of innovation and transformation in supply chain and logistics. This year’s conference will bring you unprecedented access to 250+ world-class speakers, 1,000+ startups & investors, and 3,000+ attendees. Oh! And Nelly will be performing at the after party.

If any of this sounds overwhelming… that’s because it is.


(Sort of)

But don’t fret—we know how these things go down and we got you covered! For starters we’ve already taken the headache out of scheduling:

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The Future of Logistics


ShipERP is dedicated to fostering digital supply chain transformations for companies, from privately held businesses to large, globally located enterprises. ShipERP's products provide sophisticated shipping management functionality to users of any ERP system, helping enterprises achieve more efficient shipping operations while reducing labor and freight costs. ShipERP Core and ShipERP Cloud are designed to fulfill business shipping requirements for parcel shipping.


Be sure to stop by Booth #529 to witness firsthand how something so powerful and sophisticated can be so easy to use--the future of logistics is here! 



ShipERP's Recommendations: Manifest 2023 Sessions


Manifest 2023 Sessions: Tuesday, January 31

  • The Vital Role of Intelligent Infrastructure for the Logistics Industry

What is Intelligent Infrastructure, how is it relevant to the logistics industry, and why is it expected to grow from $97B in 2021 to $434B by 2028? These are some of the questions this session seeks to address. As CEO & Co-Founder of Topio Networks, Philippe Cases, will explain, Intelligent Infrastructure is crucial to several EVs and AVs and may prove to be what enables the seamless development of applications and contributes to the future of smart cities. 

  • Visibility & Data-Sharing -How Do We Do it?

It's no secret that supply chain visibility in the U.S. is alarmingly low, and it's no surprise considering the sheer volume of stakeholders involved. With an ecosystem comprised of maritime carriers, ports and rails companies, manufacturers, distributors, shippers, brokers, and more, how is greater visibility possible? Join FLOW participants and other pioneers spearheading initiatives aimed at answering these questions and more!

  • Fleet Autonomy and Electrification--What Goes Into a Connected and Sustainable Supply Chain?

From yards and warehouses to last-mile delivery, this panel gathers a mix of fleets OEMs to explore--among many things--connectivity. For example, how automated technologies are tied to improved efficiencies and reduced emissions, or how reducing fleets and carbon footprints are tied to minimizing supply chain disruption.


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Manifest 2023 Sessions: Wednesday, February 1

  • Supply Chain 4.0 - The Secrets to Supply Chain Resiliency is Co-Opetition

Is the enemy of your enemy your friend? If so, there might be something to Shekar Natarajan's proposed distributed fulfillment network that would allow like-mind retailers to compete with the "big guys" in a frenemy network of vertical logistics.

  • The Customer Journey - Empowerment with Tech and Partners

You might be surprised to learn that everything from vitamins and supplements to breakfast and brunch is being ordered online, and this panel is discussing the emerging technologies that are sure to shape the future of shipping experiences.

  • Fulfillment & Last Mile Offerings Driven by the Customer

Meeting the ever-changing demands of consumers has always been a challenge. However, doing so while remaining agile, managing carbon footprints--all while customers can change from online to in-store pickup at the push of a button--is a challenge facing this panel's unique mix of investors and technology pioneers.


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Manifest 2023 Sessions: Thursday, February 2

  • Harnessing Strategic Investments & Innovations Across the Supply Chain

Hearing "Walmart" in any context elicits mixed reactions, but David Guggina, the person leading innovation and automation across Walmart's US business, is here to discuss how their latest acquisition promises to enhance the customer and workforce experiences.

  • Cross Border Logistics

An all-in-one digital platform for cross border trade, a platform for trusted networks on a shared source and... cargo drones? Yes, it's all here, helping reshape cross border and logistics operations no matter the region or market. Attendees will get to hear from a variety of technology leaders as they discuss key issues such as how to enable compliant trade at the speed of ecommerce, what you can do to ensure cross border logistics move smoothly and the impact that pricing has had on trade.


For the all-in-one digital platform trusted by everyone from Boeing to Maui Jim, stop by ShipERP Booth 529. ShipERP offers solutions to meet both on-premise and platform-agnostic needs.


  • Navigating Regulatory, Labor, Supply Chain and Transportation Hurdles; What is the Post Pandemic Outlook?

A world where driver shortages aren’t an issue, labor challenges are non-existent and fully autonomous trucks are on the road? Sounds like a simulation! The industry has developed new collaborative strategies, but the industry is still lagging. This panel explores the current environment and how players are tying to unify.

 Nelly After Party


Networking & Other Fun In/Out at Manifest 2023


As briefly hinted earlier, Nelly will be performing at this year’s official after party on Thursday, February 2, at 9:00 PM. But that’s only the last networking opportunity you can take advantage of! While Monday is primarily for registration/check-in, Tuesday kicks off with a launch party at 5:00 PM. There’s also a women’s lunch on Thursday from 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM. However, if having to make small talk with strangers in a professional setting sounds like your own personal hell crowds aren’t your thing, there’s a world of fine dining and exquisite confectionaries within walking distance of the conference and resort!

  • Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen ($$$): you can't put a price on perfection, but Gordon Ramsey sure can!
  • Hash House A Go Go ($$): farm to table, with a Vegas twist.
  • Dirt Dog ($): don't let the name fool you--nothing about these dogs can be confused with dirt!
  • Fuel Bar ($$): dive bar; flair bartending.
  • The Chandelier ($$$): a living, breathing architectural wonder that's reflected in the price of drinks.


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