Guide to Better Warehouse Management with ShipEWM

Transform your SAP warehouse management processes for the better with a solution that drives strong connectivity, ShipEWM.

Do you struggle with switching back and forth between multiple shipping systems and interfaces? 

If you do, you’re wasting time and effort on manual processes that would be better off centralized and automated. Solve this challenge by implementing ShipEWM, an extended warehouse management software. 

Make your workday fly by with ShipEWM that consolidates your required internal interfaces, so you can do your job faster and easier. 


ShipEWM infographic


Your Extended Warehouse Benefits with ShipEWM 

With ShipEWM, you’ll be able to control functions you weren’t able to before with just SAP EWM. Here are some examples of what you can access: 

  • Carrier and service information 
  • Billing options 
  • Third-party account information 
  • Carrier tracking number 
  • Track and trace event notifications 
  • Warehouse mobile tools integration 

Because ShipEWM is written in SAP’s technical architecture, your warehouse team can directly perform real-time, multi-carrier shipping processes such as: 

  • Executing carrier rate quoting 
  • Creating shipment orders 
  • Tracking shipments 
  • Enabling electronic proof of delivery 
  • Printing labels and other shipment documents 

In addition, ShipEWM’s wide set of business rules can adapt to all your unique business and warehouse processes. 


Extended Warehouse Management Tips and Tricks with ShipEWM  

Integrating new software isn’t easy, but there are ways to make the transition as seamless as possible! Follow these tips for an easy EWM software integration experience: 

  • Use standard functionality as much as possible 
  • Define and track your actionable metrics 
  • Prepare your end-users to use the new software 
  • Choose your shipping partners wisely 
  • Automate as many processes as you can 

Dive deeper into the top five lessons on extended warehouse management integration in this guide


Your Future ShipEWM Return on Investment 

With ShipEWM, you can rapidly pick, pack, and ship with multiple integrated carriers directly out of SAP EWM in one platform. Its architectural design allows for a seamless integration, so you’ll access your required warehouse processes as soon as possible. 

What will you gain from ShipEWM in the long run? 

  • Improved shipment processing time 
  • Reduced shipment and freight costs 
  • Eliminated SAP middleware for supply chain efficiency 
  • Strongly driven warehouse process connectivity 

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