SAP EWM: Surefire Way to Success in the Experience Economy


An optimized warehouse will deliver the visibility and control you need, so it’s important to consider using SAP EWM to streamline your tasks, save costs, and better serve your customers! Revamp your warehouse management to meet customer demands in this experience economy.

A warehouse management software can help you improve the efficiency of tracking the movements of supplies and products inside the warehouse. It can also enhance the capabilities of processes, like more accurate picking and packing.

Optimizing your warehouse is one of the many ways your company can succeed in the experience economy! In today’s economy, customers place great value on personalized experiences, like tailored events and knowledge, they can gain through their journey with you.

Can you company provide these positive experiences for customers? With a warehouse management solution, your company can offer products and services that positively shape your customers’ experiences.

A solution like SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) can integrate complex processes into your supply chain logistics, allowing you to have tighter control of inbound, outbound, and operational processes.


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What Can You Do in SAP EWM?

Some of the key features include:

  • Picking and packing materials and products
  • Deconsolidation of handling units for product storage
  • Optimize arrangement of goods within warehouse
  • Storage & handling of hazardous materials in accordance with regulations
  • Tracking location & movement (inbound, outbound, etc.) of goods
  • Manage tasks of warehouse employees

This warehouse management solution isn’t as simple as just keeping inventory count! As you can see, the capabilities of SAP EWM provide you with rich functionalities across your company’s supply chain logistics. Need to know how to use its functionalities? There are various SAP EWM tutorial guide for beginners.


Benefits of SAP EWM on Customer Experience

With the technology of SAP EWM, your warehouse management potential transforms from basic to advanced controls! These complex capabilities give you the flexibility to enhance your customer’s experience with your company.

So, what do your customers want?

Consumer demand always comes down to faster and faster shipping. With the automation and increased efficiency of processes, SAP EWM contributes to the reduction of order cycle times which enables you to ship to your customers faster. That’s a win right there!

As your business grows, you also need to be able to accommodate a higher number of customers while maintaining the quality and timeliness of your shipping processes. Luckily, SAP EWM is scalable to seamlessly handle high-volume transactions.

For any company, being compliant is a must! Shipping is particularly affected by government regulations; for example, shipping dangerous goods or hazardous materials require careful documentation and handling. In SAP EWM, the solution ensures your company’s compliancy by following regulation rules from the SAP Environmental Health & Safety guidelines. This reduces error rates and smooth shipping process to your customers. This will help you to ensure no delays!

With a solution like SAP EWM enabling transparency and faster delivery, you have the power to satisfy customer demands to foster loyal customers. In the experience economy where clients want personalization and swift shipping, remove those obstacles between you and your customers with SAP EWM!


Want to know more about using SAP EWM in your company? Read more about our top 5 lessons we’ve learned from integrating shipping in SAP EWM.

At ShipERP, we provide the solution ShipEWM to rapidly pack and ship products directly out of SAP EWM. Experience rapid carrier rate quoting, shipment creation and tracking, proof of delivery, and label/documentation printing that strongly connects process to transform your shipping logistics. Reach out to schedule a demo so you can see firsthand that the sky is the limit for your extended warehouse management!

Learn more about shipping with EWM

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