5 Reasons to Move to S/4HANA

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Let's recap on the five reasons you should move to SAP S/4HANA!

  1. Integrated processes: With all your processes housed in one database and location, you'll have an easier time navigating and managing the IT landscape.
  2. Reduces processing time: S/4HANA's digital in-memory system can run multiple batch jobs for transactions and/or analytical data with better accuracy.
  3. Better user experience: Using a cleaner user interface like SAP Fiori gives end-users an easier experience for day-to-day processes.
  4. Scalability for future integrations: When you're ready, S/4HANA provides the flexibility to stay on top of your innovation game by transitioning from on-premise to the cloud.
  5. Maximize resources & save money: Who doesn't want to be more efficient AND save costs? Automation makes room for more resources and time spent on other projects.

Reach out to our ShipERP team to get shipping integration help within S/4HANA! Email us at sales@erp-is.com.

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