7 Powerful Functions of Cloud Shipping Software for SMBs & Enterprises

Scale your supply chain operations with cloud shipping software to transform your business into an enterprise. Learn more about how you can enhance your digital supply chain by executing shipping on cloud technology. 

What did supply chains around the world learn from COVID-19? Agility, flexibility, and collaboration are the keys to success for all supply chains to overcome challenges.  

One significant way to improve all three is to implement cloud shipping software into your supply chain. Say goodbye to traditional shipping solutions that cost a fortune or overly simple tools that lack the power you need to advance your supply chain!  

With many businesses adopting cloud computing on the rise, you can't afford to miss out and fall behind your competitors. Companies are racing to stay ahead of the curve by integrating supply chain technology; the value of cloud-based supply chain software is predicted to reach $11 billion by 2023.  

Regardless of your business's size, you'll discover how cloud shipping software service helps you meet your supply chain goals.  



What Does it Mean to Ship on Cloud Technology?  

When you use cloud shipping software, all your shipping execution processes are centralized in one easily accessible platform. The shipping processes include:  

  • Configure pallets and boxes of your goods  
  • Print commercial invoices for shipments  
  • Pick, pack, and ship your products  
  • Manage your outbound deliveries  
  • And much more...  

With all your shipping processes integrated, you automatically gain the ability to analyze and optimize your entire supply chain. Not only that, but you'll find your supply chain is sending off shipments faster than ever before!  

how cloud shipping software fulfills the need for speed

What Can a Cloud Shipping Software Do for Your Supply Chain?  

Investing in cloud shipping software can be a daunting decision to make. If you know what cloud shipping software can do for your supply chain, you'll understand how a cloud-based environment can be profitable.  

Here are the features and its benefits that you can expect when you ship on the cloud:  

Quick Integration Process  

Due to cloud computing's nature, implementing cloud shipping software is much faster and easier than on-premise software. The faster the integration, the faster you can return to regular shipping execution. There's no need to completely stop your operations for an extended time and, therefore, lose out on profit.  

Flexible & Customizable Shipping Processes  

Instead of completely changing your current shipping processes, cloud shipping software can work with them. Configurable business rules enable customization of the solution to fit your supply chain requirements & improve your order management.  

Valuable Shipping Execution Automation  

In addition to cloud shipping's flexibility, business rules eliminate manual steps of your processes and kickstart shipping automation. With automation in place, you can focus on the tasks that bring value to your supply chain and your customers. Cloud-enabled automation improves your shipping speed and improves the customer experience that increases the customer retention rate.  

Seamless Systems Integrations & Centralization  

Cloud shipping software can integrate with your enterprise resource planning software and possibly replace or add on to your supply chain management software, depending on your shipping requirements. Once integrated, the cloud shipping software enables a single source of truth accessible by anyone in your company.  

Easy Shipping Accessibility  

The web-based structure of cloud shipping software means that the processes and information is accessible anywhere and anytime. For your supply chain, this means it's executable at all your fulfillment centers globally.  

Optimized Supply Chain Scalability  

A cloud shipping software is a solution that grows with your supply chain. From small to large shipment volume, the cloud solution can handle it all. No massive upgrade is necessary, even if your supply chain expands overnight.  

Uninterrupted System Shipment Updates  

Hosting your shipping execution processes on cloud computing is conducive for an uninterrupted workflow whenever shipping updates need to roll out. Carry on with your shipping execution to avoid losing potential profit.  


Cloud Shipping Software for Business of All Sizes  

The nice thing about cloud computing is that it's beneficial for businesses of all sizes. The power of cloud shipping software can be realized by small, medium, and large companies! In general, cloud shipping software's primary benefits apply to all businesses, but some benefits are more crucial than others, depending on the business size. Let's look at how advantageous cloud software can be for each size.  

For Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)  

Scalability and cost-saving opportunities are the biggest reasons why SMB will benefit from cloud shipping software. It's only a matter of time before SMB's supply chains expand to accommodate higher shipment volumes. With an on-premise shipping solution, you'd have to expend money, space, and labor to add a team of in-house IT specialists to maintain the software. SMBs can depend on cloud shipping software to provide the agility needed for their shipping operations to grow seamlessly.  

With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, you can save high costs! Sometimes, you might not need all the functions provided by on-premise shipping software, and it can be costly to implement. But when you choose a SaaS shipping software, you only need to pay for what you use, reducing software costs, which is perfect for your growing supply chain.  

For Large Enterprises  

Large enterprises face significant pressure to not only meet customer demands but also to innovate for competitive advantage. Cloud shipping software is the key to meeting both goals! The flexibility granted by cloud-based shipping software provides an excellent platform for business development. Cloud computing frees large enterprises from maintaining the hardware required for processing their large data volume.  

The web-based environment of cloud shipping software enables greater flexibility across the entire workforce. Employees are no longer chained to their desks to run the company. With greater flexibility, your supply chain personnel improve their collaboration via web-enabled access to processes and information.  


Your Future with Cloud Shipping Software  

Investing in cloud shipping software can be a daunting decision to make, but if you're well-informed, you'll discover that it's a natural next step for your digital transformation journey. Keep in mind what cloud shipping software can do for your supply chain and its benefits.  

Your Future Success with Cloud Shipping Software Deliverables & Functions  

  • Freight rate shopping to support your multi-carrier shipping strategy  
  • Powerful business rules engine to configure and automate your shipping execution processes, including packing and shipping labeling  
  • Track and trace function to meet your customer expectations and improve visibility with shipment tracking
  • Robust analytics dashboard to identify cost-saving opportunities and for proactive supply chain planning
  • Seamless scalability, integrations, and updates that won't disrupt your supply chain operations  

Your Future Cloud Shipping Software Return on Investment  

  • Improved supply chain real-time visibility  
  • Reduced order cycle times
  • Save shipping costs
  • Enhanced business agility
  • Streamlined and optimized shipping functions
  • Improved collaboration 

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