Step Up Your SAP SCM Game in 2021 (Courses & Certifications)

You've learned and adapted to the supply chain technology challenges last year, but it's now time to level up your SAP supply chain management (SAP SCM) game

Everything changed in the SAP and supply chain industry last year because of COVID-19. All businesses had a sharp learning curve to respond and adapt to the pandemic effects.  

Because of those experiences, you're more flexible and resourceful enough to handle any disruptions that may come your way. But never forget the basics of SAP SCM (supply chain management)! 

Let’s think about how you can manage supply chain disruptions and propel for growth with SAP solutions like SAP Supply Chain Management: 

  • Has your business recently integrated SAP SCM into your supply chain processes? 
  • Did your organization upgrade your current SAP SCM to a new version? 
  • Are you looking to expand your knowledge into the SAP supply chain field? 
  • Do you need a refresher on the core concepts and processes of SAP supply chain management? 

Whether you're a veteran or a complete beginner with SAP SCM, the new year 2021 has so much to offer for your professional development. We've compiled a list below of online courses in 2021 for you to advance your SAP supply chain knowledge and skills. Check it out!  

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Your Curated List of SAP Supply Chain Management Courses 

An introduction to the basic components of SAP SCM 

Overview of the SAP Supply Chain Management Application 

  • Duration: 3 days 
  • Offered by SAP Training 

Directly from SAP itself, the company's training section offers two virtual class sessions in 2021 so far for SAP SCM. The course recommends having a basic understanding of SAP and supply chain management. If you want to hop on this opportunity quickly, the first session in 2021 is on February 17-19. The second virtual session isn't until July 7-9, but the course is available then if you need some time to prepare! 

The course's content is intended for managers, project team members, and basically, anyone who wishes to gain an overview of SAP SCM. This course will show you how to execute typical SAP Supply Chain Management processes and how SAP SCM integrates with other SAP components. There's plenty to be gained in this course for you and your team! 


Everything you need to know to become an SAP SCM Solutions Architect 

SAP: Supply Chain Logistics in R/3 

  • Duration: 18 hours of content 
  • Offered by SAP Management Consultant – Udemy 

You can learn directly from an SAP Management Consultant with 25 years of experience! The instructor uses his experience to create the course's lesson plan for you to gain everything he's learned in just one course. This course is a hard-to-pass-up opportunity to learn how different SAP modules execute processes of the SAP supply chain management. 

The course covers a wide variety of topics, but the lessons are also updated each year with new content that matters in the industry. And best of all, the course can prepare you for SAP interviews! Future-proof your SAP SCM career by gaining full lifetime access to 18 hours of on-demand videos and 53 downloadable resources.   

Woman taking SAP SCM courses

A high-level overview of SAP SCM to overcome supply chain challenges 

SAP SCM Online Training 

  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy 

Aimed for business analysts, project managers, and system architects, this SAP Supply Chain Management Online Training offers training led by instructors with digital learning material. The highlight of purchasing this course includes the 24/7 after-training support! Sounds very tempting.  

The SAP SCM training course provides an overview of the main processes in SAP Supply Chain Management: Forecasting, Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehouse, etc. The module then teaches its students the applicable skills to overcome supply chain challenges like volatile customer demand and complex supply chain networks. 


Self-study SAP SCM material for beginners 

Learn SAP SCM for absolute beginners 

If you're looking for a comprehensive tutorial on SAP Supply Chain Management without taking a training course, this is the resource for you! The website offers an overview of SAP SCM and detailed step-by-step tutorials of its processes, including screenshots of the software. This site is a super helpful resource if you're looking for a refresher as well!  

The website also includes questions and answers for SAP SCM students and professionals to prepare for certification exams and job interviews. The guide is a great resource to supplement your SAP Supply Chain Management learning journey. Pair this up with one of the courses in this curated list! 

Man learning from SAP SCM online training courses


Other SAP & Supply Chain Resources 

Looking for more resources for your development in SAP supply chain management? Check out our other resource lists for more learning opportunities: 

There are plenty of professional development opportunities in 2021 to revolutionize your SAP supply chain! Sometimes, it's not easy to keep up with the news and trends. But no worries!  

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