Top Online Resources for Leveling Up Your SAP Game

Have any SAP questions? Use the following resources to tackle your SAP challenges and level up your SAP skills.

SAP provides companies with powerful tools to help manage business processes. Keep up to date with your SAP game by continually reviewing upcoming innovations and trends.

Upgrade Skills

Learn More SAP Skills

Just getting started in SAP? There’s a lot you can do within SAP and it can be overwhelming. Use the following resources to guide your use.


openSAP is the perfect starting point to learn about SAP innovations by providing entirely free online courses available on any device. You can filter the offered courses by language, target audiences, and topics. For example, developers can take a self-paced course on how to build mobile apps with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

SAP Training and Enablement

The official SAP training platform is the place to earn your certifications and accreditation. You can find customized training that closely matches your business needs at every level – from basic to highly advanced skills. You can find the format the fits your learning style, like classroom sessions or customized training for your company.

SAP Experts

A comprehensive online subscription of practical information, best practices, and tutorials is extremely helpful for SAP users who was to refine their craft. The content library is divided into six target audiences: experts in BI, Financials, HR, SCM, and all users. The site provides lessons learned from previous examples in case studies that cover a multitude of industries.

S Techies

Gain access to multiple tutorials for each SAP platform on S Techies. Each tutorial simplified the language for everyone at all knowledge levels to easily understand. You can also find a library with knowledge-based interview questions to help prepare for SAP jobs.

Stay Informed

Read SAP Blogs by Experts

Supplement your SAP journey with informative and educational blogs on SAP trends and ideas. Blogs are the best resource to keep up to date with SAP innovations.

SAP Blogs

A section under the SAP Community website is dedicated to over 115,000 blog posts that tackle most, if not all, the challenges you encounter when using SAP. It’s also an excellent resource for product information and personal insights from SAP experts.

Digitalist Magazine, by SAP

Written by SAP thought leaders, the articles are high level that cover many topics, including the digital economy, the future of work, the Internet of Things, and digital supply chains. This resource is available on the web and the App Store or Google Play.


If you’re looking for more blog resources, check out Feedspot where the top 60 SAP blogs of the year are listed and ranked. You can see how frequently the sites post blogs and much more.

Ask Questions

Get Your SAP Questions Answered

Learning more skills is a great start to your SAP journey. However, there will be technical aspects that your tutorials and guides won’t be able to answer. Seek help from other experts and professionals on your SAP challenges. 

SAP Community

With over 280,000 website visits a day, the SAP Community is the largest platform for SAP users to come together and learn more. It connects with 2.8 million SAP users to answer each other's questions and educate one another. Collectively, almost a billion questions are answered in this engaging community.


If you know Reddit, you can find subreddit pages for any topic you can think of. You can find pages for each SAP program, but they won’t be as active as the general SAP subreddit page. There’s always SAP users who engage with each post though, so getting answers for your questions and concerns are high. With 8,600 members, the SAP community is fairly active on Reddit!


If you’ve ever had to search an SAP question on Google, you probably found quite a few results from Quora. This site is a popular and active place for SAP users to ask and answer questions. It’s a source of knowledge where multiple SAP experts together can collaborate on answers for questions that are grouped by topics.

Make Connections

Engage with Other SAP Users & Experts (LinkedIn)

Are you interested in forming new connections with other SAP experts and professionals? Consider joining these LinkedIn groups to meet new mentors, peers, and potential customers. The quality of groups is dependent on how actively moderated they are.

SAP Community

With over 360,000 members, it’s one of the largest SAP groups on LinkedIn. Three admins dedicate a lot of their time to moderating this group to ensure that its members are getting value from its contents. You can join discussions on all SAP topics and grow your network within this group.

SAP Jobs

Sometimes, these SAP groups discourage users from posting about job opportunities, so they’ve created a specific group just for them. So far, almost 40,000 people have joined the group. Discover your next opportunity or find the next person for your team in this group.

SAP Basis Consultants

Specifically for SAP Basis consultants, you can expand your network of people and ideas with its 30,000 members.

SAP FICO Consultants

SAP FICO consultants can connect with their peers to share their views and experiences. The group promotes networking and sharing information for its 30,000 members to explore new opportunities.

Global Success Factors and SAP Community

If you use SAP HCM and SuccessFactors, you’ve found the right place for you. This group is dedicated to sharing cutting-edge information, trends, and ideas with its 25,000 members. You can subscribe to a weekly or daily digest email, so you don’t miss out on the discussions.

Learn On The Go

Use SAP Resources in Multimedia Formats

Sometimes, you want your content to be more engaging. SAP resources are not limited to just written content on your browser. You have your choice of pick for how you want to use these resources!

Read Books

You can find all the SAP-related books here on SAP Press which is the most active publisher for SAP books. It has titles that cover SAP S/4HANA, programming, ABAP, and much more. You can even get access to all 300+ SAP books, including new books on the day of release, with a subscription.

Watch Webinars

The official SAP events page lists plenty of webinars for you to join online. The best part of webinars is the web demos of the SAP systems. The company sets up top-level speakers for a variety of topics, including machine learning, SAP S/4HANA, and artificial intelligence. If you’re a visual learner, this is for you!

Listen to Podcasts

There’s a lot of SAP podcasts out there, more than you expect. Podcasts are a great resource to use when you want to multitask. Since there isn’t a visual aspect to it, the content of podcasts tends to be more reflective and about trends in the industry. The SAP Community site and openSAP platform offer podcasts hosted by SAP experts.

Subscribe to YouTube Channels

Straight from the SAP company itself, there are many channels for you to find the content you need. The channels include customer experience, developers, digital supply chain, and more. Its content ranges from customer success stories to how-to instructional videos. They’re short videos packed in with valuable content. There are also other tech YouTube channels that do tutorials for SAP. It’s all just a short search away!

Attend Events

Attend SAP Events

Take your SAP development into the real world by attending events and conferences hosted by SAP. You can view the full list on the company’s event finder search page of its website here. We’ve made it easier for you by compiling the top set of SAP conferences in 2020. Check out the list here. If you're interested in local SAP event near you, ASUG hosts regional chapter meetings and workshops all around the U.S. as well.

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There’s a lot of resources to choose from! Pick and choose the ones you think would be most helpful to you on your SAP journey. 


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