Monthly News Round-Up: June 2021

Independence Day is right around the corner, and with it comes holiday spending. While retail sales and shipping were down during this time last year, forecasts show that consumers are looking to get back to “normal.” Here are some major news articles discussing SAP, transportation, and global trade that can help you prepare for a strong shipping season.


What's New with SAP?

Announcements from the SAPPHIRE NOW Conference  

There’s a lot of news about SAP to review from this month. At the global SAPPHIRE NOW conference, we learned of the SAP Business Network. It will include members from over 5.5 million organizations, therefore becoming the world’s largest business network. This business ecosystem will help us transform businesses into intelligent enterprises. 

The SAP Business Network will enhance communication between companies and solve supply chain problems while creating economies across industries. Discover how SAP plans to bring businesses together to build a globally connected community. 

Find New Startup Solutions from SAP.iO on SAP Store 

Every industry has its unique set of challenges. Now, with a collaboration between SAP.iO and SAP Store, our customers will face fewer of them. Read personal accounts of how SAP Store makes it easier for startups to scale using our next-generation partner ecosystem. 


What's New in Transportation & Freight?

FedEx Begins Offering International Day-Definite Delivery Across Europe 

COVID didn’t just transform the lives of individuals. It also had a profound impact on our businesses. Now, FedEx is providing International Connect Plus as a direct response to changes in consumer habits. FedEx’s new shipping service helps companies ship internationally within 2 to 5 days and gives shippers access to new service options. 

UPS Aims for Net-Zero Emissions 

Earlier this month, we discovered that UPS would like to provide 30% sustainable fuel for its aircraft and hit renewable energy goals by 2035. For UPS to achieve its goals, they plan to reduce CO2 emissions during the package delivery process, power facilities using renewable electricity, and improve fuel standards for their global air fleet. Learn more about their plans for net-zero emissions and how it will work while providing same-day delivery services here. 


What's New in Global Trade & Logistics?

A Global Tariff and Tax War Looms 

Near the beginning of the month, the US announced a 25% tariff on seven countries before suspending them to make way for negotiations. And the reason behind these tariffs? The United States believes that digital taxes in countries like Italy, Spain, Britain, and India discriminate against US firms. Here’s who else made the potential tariff list 

As One Fight Begins, The Airbus-Boeing Trade Fight Between The US and EU Ends 

Additionally, in the middle of the month, the US and EU decided to ease tensions by suspending a trade dispute involving Boeing Co. and Airbus SE. During the discussions about the recently suspended five-year tariffs, representatives from both countries explained their willingness to end the conflict to focus on China jointly. 

In The Meantime, Amazon Continues Its US Expansion 

Finally, Amazon is opening another robotics center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The building includes 820,000 square feet and will be the packing and shipping fulfillment center for small customer items. Overall, it’s expected to create 1,000 full-time jobs. Louisiana has a strong small- and medium-sized business community that Amazon hopes will transition to online retail. 


What's New with ShipERP?

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