16 Life-Changing Benefits of SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit

Do you struggle with planning shipments in SAP EWM? Discover how the SAP EWM shipping cockpit makes your outbound processing easier and better.

It's inevitable that you'll encounter process struggles as your company grows. You find yourself with more and more purchase orders. You hurry to pick, pack, and ship orders to meet your customers' demands.

In order to manage your shipment volume, let's start by understanding your outbound processing challenges.


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What are Modern-Day Freight Challenges of Outbound Processing?

Most outbound warehouse process challenges stem from one major problem: the lack of a centralized outbound transportation management system. Without a centralized system, your business runs into the following issues:

  • Unorganized warehouse with inefficient and time-consuming processes
  • Lack of visibility of your warehouse operations and movement
  • Lack of control of your warehouse operations
  • Long shipment turnover which leads to long loading time
  • Increased congestion in outbound dock station
  • Limited flexibility in managing higher volumes and resolving issues

It's very time consuming to manually plan the picking, packing, and shipping for each freight shipment. You're juggling getting accurate dates, times, routes, and other relevant shipping information to plan and execute the orders. It gets even more complicated when you need to handle shipments with special shipping requirements!

With this struggle, a central interface to plan your outbound shipments sounds nice, doesn't it?


What is the SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit?

When you need to plan several outbound delivery orders (ODOs), the SAP EWM shipping cockpit is there for you! The SAP EWM shipping cockpit is a user interface within the SAP system designed to complete freight functionality tasks.

The shipping cockpit in SAP EWM fills in the gap of your outbound planning. It's a robust, adaptive, and efficient interface to manage your outbound processing in one location. You'll be able to view the nitty-gritty details of all the ODOs and transportation units (TUs). With the SAP EWM shipping cockpit, you're well supported in your daily tasks when it comes to your outbound shipments.

Here's what you can do in the SAP EWM shipping cockpit, including all the functions on the planning and execution side:

  • Change TU
  • Assign and Unassign Door
  • Assign Staging Area
  • Create Wave
  • Unassign Delivery
  • Arrival and Reverse Arrival at Checkpoint
  • Arrival at Door
  • Start Loading and Reverse Start Loading
  • Change Seals
  • Request, Cancel, and Print Invoice
  • Close TU and Reverse Loading Completed
  • Departure from Door
  • Post and Cancel GI
  • Departure from Checkpoint and Reverse Departure from Checkpoint
  • Refresh TU

Please note that the shipping cockpit does not display a success message after a successfully executed action.


SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit Outbound Processing


The 9-Step Outbound Process Using SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit

With all the functions in mind, let's run through a standard scenario of using the SAP EWM shipping cockpit for outbound processing:

  1. Sales orders and outbound delivery orders (ODOs) are created in SAP ERP and then transferred so SAP EWM
  2. Regular routes assigned to ODO in SAP EWM or SAP ERP
  3. For ODOs carrying a regular route, background job can be performed to create TUs
  4. For ODOs not carrying a regular route, manual planning of ODOs onto TUs can be performed in the shipping cockpit
  5. For planned TUs: Door planning, staging area planning, and picking wave crea---tion can be performed in the shipping cockpit
  6. Monitor picking, packing, and staging of goods in the shipping cockpit by the status display
  7. Required tasks for the truck arrival can be done in the shipping cockpit, including arrival at checkpoint and door assignments
  8. Truck loading performed in the warehouse
  9. Required tasks for the departure of a truck can be performed in the shipping cockpit, including truck closing, door departure, etc.


SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit Outbound Process


16 Benefits of SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit for Outbound Processing

It's easy to picture how much the shipping cockpit would make your daily tasks easier, but let's break it down. You would enjoy these positive experiences when using the SAP EWM shipping cockpit for your outbound processing:

  • Visibility of warehouse operations
  • Streamlined operation flow
  • Warehouse movement transparency
  • Warehouse activities are planned, executed, and monitored
  • Integration with SAP EWM outbound functionality
  • Large capacity handling of critical data
  • Easy monitoring and controlling of warehouse movement
  • Streamlined productivity and labor utilization

Implementing the SAP EWM shipping cockpit for your organization, in the long run, enables the following benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Improve truck visibility
  • Reduce warehouse congestion
  • Improve shipment load visibility
  • Efficient outbound management – efficiency of orders
  • Easy order fulfillment resulting in better customer commitment/service
  • Reduce wait time and turnover period
  • Eliminate demurrage fees

A streamlined and optimized outbound processing is in the horizon!


benefits of SAP EWM shipping cockpit


Your Next Steps: Multi-Carrier Shipping with Your SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit

Do you want to know how you can enhance your SAP EWM and/or shipping cockpit experience? By integrating a multi-carrier rate shopping directly into your SAP system!

With a multi-carrier shipping service, you'll be able to rate shop, process order, track shipments, and receive proof of delivery from all connected carriers in real-time.

Integrate ShipEWM: The Extended Warehouse Management Software

ShipEWM is an SAP-integrated warehouse management system that allows you to rapidly pack and ship your products without middleware. Not only will you enable multi-carrier rate shopping, but you'll also gain much more freight functionality directly in SAP EWM. It's time to drive strong warehouse connectivity with ShipEWM!

Sign up for a free product demo of ShipEWM today.

Learn more about shipping with EWM

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