7 SAP EWM Training Materials to Help You Become an Expert

Are you confident in your SAP EWM skills and knowledge? Gain confidence in your ability to provide value to business’ warehouse processes with these SAP EWM training materials.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a part of SAP's supply management suite of solutions. This product helps you streamline the functionality your supply chain needs to perform and meet the demands of warehouse management by helping automate goods processing and managing inventory. You should invest in SAP EWM training to ensure warehouse staff is up to date on the knowledge needed to fully utilize the application while also understanding all its functionality capabilities.


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Why is SAP EWM Training Necessary For You?

SAP EWM training programs are beneficial to organizations that use SAP EWM because of the short- and long-term benefits. Here's how SAP EWM training will elevate your warehouse management:

  • It reduces the total cost of ownership
  • Improves flexibility and optimization
  • Increases shipment processing speed
  • Reduces shipping and logistics cost
  • Establishes best practices
  • Optimizes internal shipping processes
  • And much more!

You will learn how to build personalized, optimized plans to meet consumer demands and requirements. You will also reduce load times, improve productivity, improve order fulfillment percentages, and support order-based replenishment. It's vital to have SAP EWM training because it increases the real-time visibility of warehouse operations for planning and control.


What Do You Need to Know About SAP EWM to become an EWM Consultant?

To become an SAP EWM consultant, you need to understand the design and implementation of the software to leverage SAP across all business operations. You must be familiar with Supply Chain business models and material handling systems to successfully integrate SAP EWM solutions for the business. It’s expected for SAP consultants to analyze business and warehouse processes and convert them into SAP EWM.


SAP EWM Training Consultants


Being analytical, conceptual, creative, and flexible and an expert in SAP EWM is essential to being an EWM consultant. Consultants can expect to create and manage SAP project tracks to implement or deploy capabilities such as blueprints, gap analysis, end-to-end process design, testing strategy, cutover plans, training, and more.

It’s a plus for businesses to see that you SAP EWM training under your belt because it further proves you as the leader with the know-how to integrate the software into business operations. And if you have an SAP EWM certification, businesses will have even greater confidence in your capabilities!


What Resources are Available to Learn More About SAP EWM?


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Staying informed about all relevant learning materials is essential to learning all there is to know about SAP EWM. Below we have included a list of resources to refer to in order to better understand SAP EWM:

  1. The Difference Between SAP WM and SAP EWM - As more and more companies shift to SAP EWM, your business needs to know the difference and the cause for the shift. Read this blog to gain a better understanding of all there is to know about the differences between SAP WM and SAP EWM.
  2. Guide on How SAP EWM Can Lead to Your Organization’s Success – Discover all of the ways SAP EWM can help streamline business operations and reduce overall costs in this helpful guide. This quick read covers the functionality SAP EWM possesses as well as covering the overall benefits of using the software.
  3. Tutorial: An Overview of SAP EWM - Now that more companies are shifting over to SAP EWM, business leaders need to learn about the basics of this software and its overall functionality. Read this free and extensive tutorial to gain a better understanding of the software’s key features.
  4. SAP Learning Hub: SAP EWM Training Courses – Directly from SAP itself, the company offers training courses for SAP EWM at all levels of difficulty. Ranging from beginner to advanced, you’ll be sure to find an SAP EWM course you need and/or are interested in. In addition, you have the option to choose an instructor-led course or a self-paced course to match your learning style.
  5. Warehouse Management with SAP EWM – Learn how to get the most of your SAP EWM software from an SAP Press book. In this book, find out how to configure SAP EWM for business processes, how to integrate with your ERP, and more. Essentially, you’ll receive SAP EWM training at your own pace!
  6. SAP EWM Architecture and Programming – In this SAP Press book, you’ll explore the extensive options in SAP EWM to meet the unique business requirements for your warehouse. Learn about the architectural framework, function modules, and business add-ins of SAP EWM.
  7. Other – Outside of these resources, there are plenty of third-party websites that offer SAP EWM training online, like Udemy or ZaranTech. Gain the confidence you need to pass the SAP EWM certification exam!


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