How to Navigate the Outbound Warehouse Process in SAP EWM

Before you can start fulfilling your shipment orders, you must define the flow of your products in the warehouseWhen you have an established warehouse management process flow, your supply chain will thank you for it! A streamlined warehouse process saves you time and money that can be spent elsewhere.   

A warehouse management process flow is an accumulation of decisions you make to define the movement of your products in the warehouse. The warehouse process demonstrates the main warehouse activities such as how goods are received, how they’re shipped, and any steps in between. 

You want to also focus on the last part of warehouse management: the outbound warehouse process flow. 


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What is the Outbound Warehouse Process Flow? 

One of the most important stages of the warehouse management is the outbound process! With customer satisfaction being heavily impacted by the outbound process flow, it’s a crucial element for your company success. 

At the minimum, the outbound warehouse process flow includes: 

  • A packing area for outbound shipments based on purchase orders, including picking, scanning, and labeling the shipments 
  • A shipment loading area to move packages from your warehouse into the delivery trucks 
  • warehouse management system that monitors shipment tracking and communicates with external partners, like carriers and suppliers 
  • A record-keeping system to documents the movement of your shipments leaving your warehouse 


sap ewm outbound delivery process


How Does Your Outbound Warehouse Process Connect with SAP EWM? 

With many shipments to keep track of through and out your warehouse, a warehouse management system will help your supply chain! 

Luckily, you can connect your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) which makes the whole process efficient. SAP EWM provides your supply chain with the tools you need to monitor warehouse activities, like picking, packing and shipping. 

Here are some of the key features of SAP EWM that supports the outbound process: 

  • Schedule pick/pack/ship activities for your purchase orders 
  • Processing the sales and delivery order 
  • Manage and track transportation vehicles 
  • Checking the inventory of the warehouse goods 
  • Display and monitor key warehouse activities in one system 


warehouse management process flow



What is the SAP EWM Outbound Delivery Process? 

When your customers place orders for your goods, it’s time to execute the outbound process! SAP EWM works in conjunction with your SAP ERP system, especially when it comes to outbound delivery processing. 

The Step-by-Step SAP EWM Outbound Delivery Process 

Here are the basic steps to execute the outbound delivery process in SAP EWM: 

  1. Create sales order based off the customer’s purchase order 
  2. Create outbound delivery 
  3. Check outbound delivery orders 
  4. Create warehouse tasks 
  5. Pick warehouse orders 
  6. Post goods issue for outbound delivery order 


View SAP EWM outbound delivery screenshot in ShipERP


How to Enhance Your SAP EWM Experience: ShipEWM 

Want to add multi-carrier rate shopping, label printing, and proof of delivery to your warehouse processes? 

ShipEWM processes shipment orders at higher transparency and better compliance. The software integrates natively 100% with SAP to drive strong connectivity. The sky is the limit! 

Sign up for a free product demo of ShipEWM, the extended warehouse management software, to rapidly pack and ship products directly out of SAP EWM. 

Learn more about shipping with EWM

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