7 Common Questions: SAP EWM Outbound Delivery Process

Using a warehouse software doesn't need to be complex! Given time, you're bound to get used to it. Starting out, however, there definitely are some questions on how to use SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). This blog will cover the frequently asked questions regarding the SAP EWM outbound delivery process.

SAP EWM offers robust features that manage key activities in your warehouse. When it comes to the outbound delivery process, the processes will become intuitive later on!


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Commonly Asked Questions: SAP EWM Outbound Delivery Process

Here are the commonly asked questions regarding the outbound delivery process in SAP EWM:

What is an outbound delivery in SAP EWM?

An SAP EWM outbound delivery is a document that details the goods that are to be delivered to the recipient of the goods. The outbound delivery process in SAP EWM starts with creating an outbound delivery order which contains all the information required for the picking, packing, and shipping of the goods.

How do you access outbound delivery in SAP?

Use the following T-Codes for the SAP outbound delivery process:

  • VA01: Create sales order and document
  • VL01N: Create outbound delivery with a sales order reference
  • VL02N: Change the details of the outbound delivery
  • VL03N: Display outbound delivery information
  • VL06O: Monitory outbound delivery


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How does SAP process outbound delivery?

When an outbound delivery order is created, the following are steps to be carried out:

  • Check the availability of goods for the outbound order
  • Define quantity of goods needed
  • Pack the goods for outbound delivery
  • Calculate the weight and volume of the order
  • Choose the freight forwarder or carrier for the delivery
  • Update the status of the sales order

How do I distribute outbound delivery to EWM?

When you create an outbound delivery in SAP ERP, the system should automatically distribute the outbound delivery request to SAP EWM. If the configurations between your ECC-EWM systems aren't properly connected, the outbound delivery request may be stuck in the queue between the ERP and EWM systems.

Use the following T-Codes to investigate:

  • SMQ1: Check the outbound queue in the SAP ERP/ECC system
  • SMQ2: Check the inbound queue in the SAP EWM system

What are the outbound processes in SAP EWM?

SAP EWM offers automated support for various goods movement and managing inventory in your warehouse. Some of those internal processes help your outbound delivery run smoothly. SAP EWM's processes for outbound delivery includes:

  • Maintain Outbound Delivery Request & Order
  • Maintain Outbound Delivery
  • Load & Pickup
  • Post Goods Issue
  • Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery Order
  • Cartonization Planning for Outbound Delivery Orders
  • Process Transportation/Vehicle
  • Maintain Shipment & Freight Document




What are the key fields to define a delivery document in SAP EWM?

When you create an outbound delivery, your SAP ERP sends the outbound delivery request/document to SAP EWM to create the delivery. The delivery document contains all the information needed to carry out the process. The delivery document includes the following information:

  • Material number
  • Delivery quantity
  • Location specification
  • Picking date
  • Weights and volumes of individual items

How do I integrate freight functionality into SAP EWM?

SAP EWM may not have all the freight functions you need to carry out a multi-carrier shipping strategy. There is third-party software like ShipEWM that seamlessly integrates with your SAP ERP or SAP EWM system to provide:

  • Multi-carrier rate shopping
  • Automatically track and trace capabilities
  • Label printing
  • Mobile RF integration
  • Real-time connection to carriers
  • Shipping document generation

If you're interested in added freight functionality to your warehouse processes, sign up for a product demo of ShipERP's extended warehouse management software.

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