How Package Tracking Software Is Used to Streamline Your Business

When you're running a supply chain, you need to be aware of where packages are at all times for your sake and your customers. Technology has advanced over time to grant business leaders the tools needed to stay on top of their business. 

A package tracking software is a necessary digital tool that supply chain managers need to have a full 360 view of their business. Now is the time to move away from old, inefficient tracking systems, such as logging shipments by paper. 

Learning the benefits of automation and digital tools can help business operations move more smoothly and improve a company's performance tenfold. 


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What are the benefits of implementing a package tracking software for your business? 

Package tracking software has a set of advanced capabilities that help you stay on top of your business. Some examples of these benefits include: 

Catch Problems Before They Become an Issue 

Package tracking technology can provide a bird's-eye view to alert you when something may be wrong with a package or issues with your supply chain. If packages are late, you'll be alerted right away. With this foresight, you can implement solutions to ensure that your business gets back up and running as soon as possible. 

Troubleshoot Issues with Ease to Develop Efficient Processes 

Outdated processing systems are not able to troubleshoot problems before clients become aware of them. Advanced package processing software troubleshoots issues fast, so your team has enough time to not only catch the problem but solve it before customers find out about it. Package tracking software can help you reroute your packages so they can still be delivered on time.  

Integrate a Cost-Effective, Long-Term Solution 

Inefficient, old tracking efforts take time and can result in expensive labor costs. An innovative package tracking software removes the possibility of human error and is faster at implementing data in the system. Data implementation allows your team to locate packages and see where they are to check if everything is working efficiently.  

Never Worry About Losing or Misplacing Packages 

With advanced package tracking software, you'll always know where your packages are if they didn't reach their destination. This software offers more data insight into the condition, treatment, and location of your packages. Now you won't have to worry about disgruntled customers wondering where their package is because the shipment tracking software will do it for you! 

Remove the Possibility of Manual Errors 

Outdated, handwritten tracking systems are a thing of the past since it results in high labor costs and more costly mistakes. Packaging tracking software is fully equipped to carefully and accurately store package and shipment tracking data, so you never need to worry about searching for missing information again.  


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How will packaging tracking software be beneficial for your customers?  

Now that you understand how package tracking software can benefit your business, it's necessary to learn about the benefits it can have for your customers.  

Scale with Rising Online Shipping Demand 

The demand for ordering online is only going to increase over time. In 2020 alone, there were 2.05 billion online shoppers, meaning that demand will increase as more businesses pivot to sell online. Having advanced packaging tracking software will be a big deal for customers who want to track their packages in real-time.  

Keep Your Customers Stress-Free 

Your customers will never need to worry about where their package is. Customers can check shipment tracking to see when their package will arrive instead of bombarding you with endless questions about their package's whereabouts. Keeping your customers in the know results in higher customer satisfaction and trust, meaning they are more likely to purchase from you again 

Communicate Clearly with Your Customers 

With processes in place that allow your team to handle issues efficiently, your customers will be satisfied knowing that their problem is being taken care of professionally. Customers are more likely to be happy even if there is a mistake as long as they know that your team is putting them first and doing everything they can to get their package to them as fast as possible.  

Easy Access to Tracking Information 

Packaging tracking software provides an inside look into the whereabouts of packages. Customers can check their delivery status every day and visually see where the package is. Being able to track this data instills trust in the customers and puts them at ease.  


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What kinds of technology track shipments? 

The distribution and logistics fields use technology to enable the tracking and tracing process. Examples of the various kinds of technologies used to track and trace parcels include:  

Radiofrequency Identification 

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) tracks inventory as it goes through the supply chain. RFID is an essential part of the track and trace process because it is passive and doesn't require a significant amount of labor. Tracking technology was developed in 1940 and, it uses a special reader to capture a package's information through radiofrequency. 

While RFID is considered a more outdated tracking software, it is still very relevant due to its affordability and accessibility. RFID tags can be read by machines outside the line-of-sight, whereas barcodes must be physically scanned to pull up data.  

Barcode Tracking System with GPS 

Other software a business may use include a barcode tracking system intertwined with GPS to monitor truck drivers' status to see where they are with shipments. Some companies have apps that will allow the customer to visually see where the truck driver is with their package on GPS. 

This visibility allows the customer to have an even more accurate time estimate when their package arrives. Like RFID, bar codes are an inexpensive method to track a  package shipments' status, and many businesses use them to track shipments.  


What kind of package tracking technology do other companies use?  

To better understand the kinds of packaging technology, we're going to cover what the major shipping companies use.  

How USPS Tracks Packages 

USPS Tracking® is a service specifically used by USPS that traces end-to-end item/mail tracking. Customers can enter their specific tracking number on the USPS tracking website to view their packages' status. USPS relies on a scanning technology method to capture and process package data when it is shipped. 

How UPS Tracks Packages 

UPS provides its customers with tracking numbers to enter the number in their database to see where the package is. Their technology allows customers to view the package's journey from Point A to Point B 

How FedEx Tracks Packages 

FedEx assigns each package a unique tracking number and barcode. When the package travels to and from facilities, the code is scanned by machines to update the company's database. Shippers and customers can insert the tracking number to check and see where the package is and when it will be delivered.  


The Package Tracking Software that will streamline your business 

When it comes to implementing tracking software for your business, you want to make sure it is the right one. Streamlining your processes, troubleshooting errors, and improving your customer experience should be the top concerns for you and your business. 

If you are ready to ensure your business is prepared for the increase in demand for advanced shipment tracking, sign up for a free demo of ShipERP Core today.  

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