5 Rate Shop Features for Supply Chain Success


Are you finding the best rates for your shipping? If not, find out how you can save costs with the best carrier for your shipping needs via rate shopping.

Have you ever wondered which carrier provides the best solutions for your shipping needs? Or which carriers are offering the lowest rates?

It may seem convenient to stick to the basic major carriers centralize your supply chain, but it’s not cost-effective for your business in the long run. You’ve got to diversify your carrier options. The answer to these problems is a multi-carrier shipping solution!

With a multi-carrier shipping solution, you can easily view all your carrier rates on one screen. This feature enables you to intelligently choose the best carrier for your shipping needs at the lowest price.



Why Enable Rate Shopping for Your Supply Chain

As online retail and e-commerce continue to grow, customers increasingly desire the convenience of it all. It’s up to the companies to meet these demands with an optimized supply chain. 

Rate shopping can help you complete order fulfillment on time which is the key to achieving positive customer experiences! Customers will keep coming back to you as loyal buyers. Integrating rate shopping as part of your logistics will save both time and money for you and your customers.

The thing about simplifying and streamlining your transportation decisions on one screen with many integrated carriers is that you can boost your shipping productivity. You will eliminate the need to go to each carrier website or call carrier phone lines just by onboarding real-time rate shopping.


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5 Things to Consider to Effectively Rate Shop

We’ve compiled a list of rate shop features for you to consider when you choose a shipping solution for rate shopping and/or as you rate shop in general.

  • Ability to configure business rules: Price is not the only factor when you’re determining the best carrier for your shipping needs. Your shipping solution should have the flexibility to accommodate complex criteria as you rate shop. Streamline your rate shopping process with business rules that can create carrier criteria involving geography, transit times, shipment weights, and much more.
  • Integrated rate shopping capabilities: It’s most convenient for your supply chain processes to have your order entry screens and rate shopping all in one screen. Instead of separate interfaces, an integrated shipping solution can consolidate all your shipping requirements onto one interface.
  • Conduct real-time rate shopping: Live rate shopping allows you to view, compare, and select carrier rates based on your requirements in real-time. This ensures that you receive the most accurate information to make smart transportation decisions. Effectively manage your supply chain logistics with better end-to-end visibility and reporting.
  • Have an extended carrier network: When you build more relationships with carriers, you have more options to look at when you’re rate shopping. But that’s the long and hard way of expanding your carrier network! Instead, leverage the existing relationships of a multi-carrier shipping solution with integrated carriers to quickly optimize your supply chain.
  • Simplify customer checkout experience: More than half of consumers will abandon an online shopping cart because of the shipping fees. With rate shopping, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred shipping method. Rate shopping not only gives them the options, but your configurations can help quickly narrow down the best options for easier decision-making. This provides a friendly user interface and paves the way for an easier checkout process.

When you’re choosing a shipping software to integrate your business requirements with rate shopping, components like business rules configurations, real-time comparisons, and carrier network changes the supply chain game. Leverage rate shopping features to set yourself above your competitors.

Finally, don’t settle for the long and manual option when it comes to carrier rate shopping! Explore your opportunities to find the right shipping solution that presents all the possible carrier rates on one screen. Discover the best fit for all your shipping needs!


At ShipERP, we offer a multi-carrier shipping solution that facilitates all forms of shipping to handle your demands. ShipERP is a fully-configurable enterprise software that’s completely integrated within SAP. Get the best value for your company with more than 250 integrated carriers in our rate shop.

Curious about ShipERP? Schedule a live demo with one of our ShipERP team members to learn how we can expedite your shipping process.

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