Why SAP E-Commerce and Supply Chain Are a Perfect Match

In the ever-growing world of e-commerce, ensuring that your supply chain operations are running at their maximum functionality is essential for ongoing success.

Your e-commerce business encompasses more than a website and online retail space. For consumers to receive their products from their favorite e-commerce site, those purchased items must be procured and delivered efficiently. The average e-commerce business can expect to need the following high-level services:

  • Product Procurement & Configuration
  • Infrastructure
  • Safe & Secure Payment Gateways
  • Supply Chain Management

For an e-commerce business to grow and scale, you need to build a healthy client base that is satisfied with its fast and dependable service. One way to ensure that your customer service is top-notch is with a powerful supply chain management system for e-commerce.


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What Is Supply Chain Management in E-Commerece?

Consider this: brick-and-mortar retailers depend on supply chains to move products from manufacturers and warehouses to their location. Similarly, e-commerce businesses need a robust supply chain and logistics method to ensure products purchased through their online store reach their destination.

Many modern e-commerce businesses adopt a dropshipping model that allows them to manage their inventory of products without maintaining stock on-location. The dropshipping method enables you to boost their revenue and efficiency while reducing your overhead costs and risk. To manage product stock and availability and ensure that purchased items reach your buyers, you must integrate a robust supply chain management system designed for e-commerce.


Uplift Relationships with ERP & SAP E-Commerce Systems

If you are ready to maximize your e-commerce potential, you need to take advantage of the power of enterprise resource planning (ERP) & SAP supply chain management systems. Let's break down both to show the benefits of utilizing these systems in your business management:

What is an ERP E-Commerce System?

While you may be using an e-commerce system that allows you to engage with clients and make sales, most solutions don't offer the services you need to ensure that your products are procured, managed, and delivered.

An ERP e-commerce system is a business management software suite that allows you to engage and manage a variety of systems:

  • Procurement of products from manufacturers
  • Off-site product warehousing and inventory management
  • Product development and configuration
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer relationships management (CRM) and services
  • Finance and accounting services

Rather than trying to navigate all of these services across multiple platforms and outlets, an ERP e-commerce system will streamline the process and give you a bird's-eye view of all operations. ERP systems can keep you informed of any changes, updates to pricing and help you avoid unexpected problems along the way.

If you're already using SAP as your ERP system, you're one step closer to supply chain success. The right software will revolutionize your SAP e-commerce processes!


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What is SAP Commerce Cloud?

An SAP software that can definitely meet your e-commerce requirements is SAP Commerce Cloud. With SAP Commerce Cloud, you unify product data across all your business channels to personalize each customer experience in real-time.

The SAP e-commerce cloud software streamlines your customer's buying process with intelligent technology for increased customer satisfaction. SAP Commerce Cloud offers intuitive, self-service capabilities and AI-powered additions to your e-commerce channels that can engage your customers effectively.

It's a configurable SAP e-commerce solution that is proven to meet any business requirements. In addition, one of the best parts of the SAP e-commerce software is that it is cloud-based!

The Benefit of Using an SAP E-Commerce Cloud System on the Supply Chain

A powerful SAP system can help you take advantage of the complex nature of robust ERP management without needing the knowledge of navigating supply chain logistics and market variables. With the added benefit of cloud-based SAP services, you can take advantage of the benefits of the SAP e-commerce system from anywhere at any time!

Powerful SAP cloud systems can bring ERP functionality to any small to mid-size e-commerce business and help boost their effectiveness at a cost that fits their budget. With greater control over the supply chain management, you can get an accurate view of their operations and status at a moment's notice and make vital business decisions to benefit your customers or clients.

You can customize your SAP e-commerce cloud system to fit nearly any business size, with the ability to scale the system over time. An SAP e-commerce cloud solution can help companies use only the solution elements they need and add functionality as the company scales. With lightning-fast analytics, you can make better decisions without risking supply chain interruptions.


Improve Your E-Commerce Effectiveness with ShipERP

If you are looking for a robust and effective SAP e-commerce system, consider ShipERP. ShipERP's multi-carrier shipping software is designed to help SAP e-commerce SMBs take advantage of the power of ERP systems for their entire business.

With sales management, product procurement, analytics, and inventory management, you can trust that ShipERP Core will meet all of your SMB supply chain management needs with the power that enterprises enjoy every day.

Sign up for a free product demo of ShipERP Core today.

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