Optimize Your Supply Chain Logistics with ShipERP Core

Want to improve your shipment processing from A to Z? Look no further! Discover how ShipERP Core, a fully integrated SAP platform multi-carrier shipping solution, can transform your shipping processes.

ShipERP Core Infographic

Your ShipERP Core Benefits

  • Rate Shop: Compare more than 250 parcel, LTL, and TL carriers and their services in one screen to find choose the best carrier for different shipments
  • Track & Trace: Generate tracking numbers to automatically trace your shipments’ journey within SAP
  • Generate Documentation: Automatically create required documents with complete information for internal and external parties
  • Coordinate Multi-Carrier Shipping: View and manage all shipment data and orders in one location

Your Future Shipping Process with ShipERP Core

  1. Customer purchase orders sent to warehouse for fulfillment: ShipERP automatically generates all the required documents and labels for the freight carriers to successfully deliver the shipment.
  2. The package is ready for the freight carrier is pick up for delivery: ShipERP displays all the carrier service rates in one screen for you to pick which carrier best fits your requirements such as speed and destination.
  3. The freight carrier completes the last-mile delivery to hand the package to your customer: With a generated tracking number, ShipERP enables real-time visibility to your shipment’s last-mile journey the second it leaves the fulfillment center.


Your Return on Investment with ShipERP Core

  • Increase number of processed shipments per day
  • Drastically decrease shipment processing time
  • Reduce shipping costs and get the best value
  • Easily adjust shipping requirements in real-time

Our ShipERP customers reported a reduction of packing labor by 25% and, in another case, reduced processing time from 10 minutes to 10 seconds! Discover our customer success stories with ShipERP.

If you’re looking for a shipping solution to save costs, automate processes, and optimize your supply chain, ShipERP Core is the solution for you! 

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