Your Missing Supplier Collaboration Tool: SupplierPORTAL

Be on the right path for supply chain growth with a supplier portal software. Optimize your purchase order process with a multitude of suppliers in a single platform for greater efficiency.

Has your business started accumulating more and more suppliers? Congratulations! You’re on track to growing your company to a more competitive level. 

But what are some of the pitfalls you’ve encountered during this growth?

One of the biggest challenges your supply chain faces is managing all your different suppliers. Each supplier conducts the purchase order process differently, but you don’t have to deal with it! The solution to this challenge is to implement a standardized process.

But how can you standardize the purchase order process? By using a supplier portal software like ShipERP’s SupplierPORTAL! This supplier portal solution can easily integrate with your SAP ERP software to consolidate all your suppliers’ purchase order processes in one platform.

See how this supplier portal solution can maximize supply chain efficiency and supplier collaboration in the visual guide below.


SupplierPORTAL Infographic


Your Positive Supplier Experience with SupplierPORTAL

There are lots of moving parts when it comes to fulfilling your purchase orders. You must keep track of all your trading partners and purchase orders to run your supply chain efficiently. With a supplier portal solution, you'll sweep away all your concerns and challenges!

SupplierPORTAL allows you to:

  • Easily work with all suppliers in one platform
  • Access the SAP supplier portal on any web browser and mobile device
  • Receive notifications for real-time updates of shipments

On the supplier’s end, here’s what they can do in SupplierPORTAL:

  • Search and view the assigned purchase orders
  • Send order and delivery date confirmations
  • Enter the order’s freight information
  • Generate shipment notifications of the order statuses
  • Create carrier shipments on the purchaser’s account
  • Generate Inbound Delivery in SAP

Your Future Purchase Order Process in SupplierPORTAL

All in one integrated supplier portal, you’ll streamline your future purchase order process for supply chain success! Are you ready for it?

Here’s what your standardized purchase order process will look like in SupplierPORTAL:

  1. Issue a purchase order to the supplier in the supplier portal
  2. Suppliers access the supplier portal on any web browser and mobile device to confirm the order
  3. Once the suppliers determine the delivery, they will send you the delivery date confirmation
  4. During the delivery itself, the suppliers notify you of the order’s shipping statuses
  5. Track your order and receive the proof of delivery in the supplier portal

Your Future SupplierPORTAL Return on Investment

Standardization is the key to supply chain efficiency and transparency! Using a supplier portal solution, accessible on any mobile device, is the first step to optimizing the purchase order process with all your suppliers.

SupplierPORTAL will enable:

  • Streamlined purchase order process that maximizes efficiency
  • Complete control over freight and inbound costs to discover cost-saving opportunities
  • Greater visibility of material availability from all your suppliers
  • Enhanced supplier collaboration with your processes

Don’t let the many moving parts of managing suppliers get out of control! Wrangle your purchase order processes into order with a supplier portal software. It's time to enhance supplier collaboration to the next level with SupplierPORTAL.

Enhance supplier collaboration

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