What You Need In An Agile Shipping Software


With changing market demands, businesses require agile shipping software to meet these demands. Integration, scalability, and enhancements are only a few components of an agile software that you can gain from the solution. Learn what is required in an agile shipping software here.

What do you need in an agile shipping software? Before you can understand what’s needed, it is important to know what it means for a shipping software to be agile. First, let’s discuss non-agile software. It follows a structured development methodology, so most times it can be rigid and difficult to go back for changes. As a result, non-agile software is harder to adapt to business requirements as they don’t allow constant and open communication with clients.

Meanwhile, agile is a software development methodology where continuous development is key for teams to deliver value faster with greater quality and flexibility for change. Software that is built and maintained with agile methodologies provides a modular approach and better overall maintainability. An agile shipping software is divided into increments or modules that boasts its flexibility. It’s a client-focused method that assures that the quality of the program satisfies demands by continuously involving the client during each development stage.

Software development teams can deliver high-quality work within short cycles. With an agile approach, development focuses on aligning with consumer needs and delivering maximum value. For businesses with shipping demands, this approach can save money and increase overall performance with an agile shipping software.

What Makes It An Agile Shipping Software?




Integration & configuration that drives connectivity and flexibility

Your agile shipping software should be able to integrate seamlessly into your system. It should also be able to consolidate your business processes into one platform to increase the organization’s efficiency. A shipping solution, like ShipERP, can configure the solution to meet the demands of individual companies, which makes the solution adaptable across a variety of industries. With that said, agile shipping software that can integrate and configure to specific demands quickly will help you to minimize uncertainty and maximize performance.


Scalability for business that can keep up with your growth

It’s important for your agile shipping software to be able to grow with your business. You want to avoid the hassle of looking for a new solution to accommodate your business because it can be expensive and time-consuming. The shipping solution should have features, like multi-location shipping and intuitive UX/UI design, that are compatible with your evolving business. An agile shipping software uses an adaptive framework that helps your business keep pace with customer demands for years to come.


Expert support team to help you stay on track

Keep in mind that an expert customer support from the shipping software company can make or break your experience with an agile shipping software. An expert support team can identify and resolve problems to help you continue your business operations. A good support team for the shipping platform will bolster your overall business by saving you time to focus on what you do best. Having a good support team means that the team can prioritize the change or improvement easily within an agile shipping software. The quicker the business problems are resolved efficiently, the quicker the business can grow.

While having a customer support center can help troubleshoot your platform challenges, your own supply chain team can take your supply chain process to the next level. Learn more about what kind of team members it takes to transform your supply chain.


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Continuous deployment of enhancements

The shipping industry is constantly changing, and business must manually keep up with the market demands. This means that your business’s agile shipping software must also meet these demands with updates. The modular, or agile approach to software development reduces the time-to-market duration and ensures that clients obtain the latest updates as soon as possible. An agile shipping software can allow businesses to improve their ability to manage changing priorities with consistent updates that meet new industry demands.

In the long term, an agile shipping software can lead to increasing quality, productivity, and flexibility. With this agile software, your business requirements are customizable with integrations and configurations. Thanks to the modular approach, the software is able to evolve as your company grows and its shipping activities increase as a result. An agile shipping software allows your business team to focus on what you do best with its expert customer support and available enhancements. 

Now that you know what an agile shipping software can do for you, what’s the next step? Take a close look at your supply chain process and evaluate your business needs. This exercise will help you gain a better understanding of what you need within an agile shipping software.


We provide ShipERP, the SAP-integrated shipping and compliance solution for all your shipping requirements. ShipERP follows the modular approach to provide businesses an adaptable shipping solution with available enhancements and 24/7 customer support.

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