6 Cloud Label Functionalities for Easy Shipment Processing

Discover how to avoid manual labeling errors and recalls by automating this process on cloud software. Your supply chain will thank you for it!

Consumers want their shipments faster than ever, and your customers are no exception! You have many options to speed up the shipping process, including diversifying your carriers or automating packages' picking and packing.  

But once those are optimized, what else is there for you to improve? It's labeling!  

Specifically, your supply chain can automate the shipping labels for packages to eliminate manual entry errors and speed up the shipment outbound process. It's a small step, but it makes a significant difference in your processes. Put this feature on cloud software, and all your shipping stations can benefit instantaneously!  

Discover how an automated labeling cloud software is your solution for a better supply chain!  

Labeling Challenges During the Shipping Process infographic


Labeling Challenges During the Supply Chain Process  

With many factors determining whether delivery is successful, labeling is one of the top reasons for a successful delivery. Why? Because labeling impacts every aspect of the supply chain from the beginning to the end of the process. Without labels, your supply chain would be scrambling blindly to run itself efficiently.  

Labeling is an unavoidable aspect of the supply chain, and so, labeling errors can build up a costly expense for your company to pay. For example, misprinted labels can cost from $5 to $165 per label for big-box retailers. Especially if you're in the medical or food industry, chargebacks for labeling errors can total up to millions of dollars during the recall process.  

To avoid chargebacks and other inefficiencies, enable shipping label automation on cloud software for your best chance at supply chain success! Let's break down how labeling fits into the supply chain process.  

Preparing the Shipments  

First, your suppliers ship the products to your warehouses, and those accompanying labels tell your warehouse workers everything they need to know how to handle and store them. Once your supply chain receives a purchase order, the labels help identify which products are required for the order.  

Depending on your shipments' volume, everything will need to be labeled: individual units, the bin or pallet, and/or the shipping container itself. With all components labeled, your shipments are ready to be sent out!  

During the Shipment Process  

Once your ship your products, the labels on the shipments will ensure timely delivery. You know now how many parts of your supply chain need labels. Then, it's time you must understand the need for the accuracy of labels. Specifically, exporting to international markets or shipping hazardous materials requires accurate labels that follow regulatory compliance requirements.  

For exports, customs clearance requires the accuracy of the shipping labels to process your shipments. Thanks to automation, you can print error-free shipping labels for your exports.  

For hazardous materials, carriers and others will know how to handle your shipments throughout the shipping process safely. With an automated labeling system, you can rest assured that your HazMat label design follows compliance regulations.  

Delivering the Shipment to Customers  

Aside from handlings labels, the individual shipment units to customers must accurately label the right addresses for the last-mile delivery. With supply chains already suffering from inaccurate addresses, let's ensure your shipping labels are the least of your worries. Automation of your labels prevents manual entry errors, reducing shipping errors, and saving you time and money in the long run.  


All About Shipping Label Automation  

When you're shipping to many customers, the volume of shipping labels you need to generate is overwhelming. Especially with labels, accuracy plays a large role in keeping your customers satisfied and contributing to your business success.  

Here are the information shipping labels generally include:  

  • Origin/Return Address
  • Destination/Customer Address  
  • Package Weight  
  • Shipping Class (e.g., Priority Mail or Next Day Air)  
  • Electronic Tracking Number  
  • Shipping Barcode  

Unfortunately, you may run into manual entry errors. This challenge is where an automated labeling solution comes in. Integrating a label software into your e-commerce systems can speed up the labeling process by auto-populating the shipping label fields with correct information.  

Luckily, some labeling solutions, including cloud software, integrates with significant carrier systems to readily provide you with carrier-standard shipping label templates. With these labels in your system, your shipping processes will be faster than ever!  



Features and Benefits of Automating Your Label Creation on Cloud Software  

In general, implementing cloud computing software eliminates the dependence on physical data servers that can cost time and money to maintain. Maintenance and upgrades to on-premise software take time away from processes that increase your profitability.  

Look for These Features in a Cloud Label Service  

Here are functions you should keep an eye on when you're looking for a cloud label service:  

  • Carrier integration for carrier-standard shipping label templates  
  • View, test, and print function  
  • Auto-fill shipping label templates with pre-saved information  
  • Robust business rules engine for configurable processes  
  • Integration with enterprise resource planning systems  
  • Integration with supply chain management systems  


Your Future Benefits of a Cloud Label Service  

Here's how your shipping labeling operations can improve with automation on cloud software:  

  • Scale your labeling operations based on the growth of your business and supply chain  
  • Improve visibility and consistency of the labeling operations by enabling easier access  
  • Easily configure the label automation to match your unique business requirements  
  • Deploy label automation upgrades without disrupting the workflow  
  • Enable shipping label detail changes instantly and globally  
  • Seamlessly integrate your labeling operations into your enterprise resource planning system  
  • Improve collaboration between cross-functional teams on projects involving label creation  

Transform your shipping labeling process with automated technology and cloud computing software! Drive supply chain efficiency and increase your profitability with a cloud label service. Thanks to cloud technology, your new cloud label service can grow with your company and become a cost-effective solution in the long run. 

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