11 Benefits of Cloud Shipment Tracking You Never Thought Of

A cloud tracking software enables your supply chain to truly revamp your supply chain processes and the experience you offer to your customers. Discover the benefits of tracking in cloud computing that it makes it worth the investment.  

What is something both you and your customers want?  

It’s to track shipments, of course! While your supply chain can always improve its shipping visibility, your customers can’t wait to see where their packages are. When you integrate cloud tracking software, you enable a win-win situation. There’s no losing with tracking in cloud computing! 



What are the Benefits of Shipment Tracking?  

Shipment tracking is a crucial piece of your supply chain that you can’t ignore. Without tracking, you lose the potential to satisfy your customer requirements. Not only that, but you also miss out on the valuable data to improve your supply chain. 

If you’re looking for your next digital supply chain transformation, there’s no need to look far! Shipment tracking is exactly what you need to save costs AND improve return on investment. Let’s look at how shipment tracking solutions can optimize your supply chain. 

Benefits for Your Company with Shipment Tracking  

There’s no doubt that shipment tracking can improve your supply chain, especially from its improved visibility. Aside from visibility, tracking software can: 

  • Reduce customer support tickets 
  • Give yourself peace of mind on shipment’s location when they leave your warehouse 
  • Boost your confidence in addressing customer concerns 
  • Reduce dissatisfied customers who don’t know when their packages will arrive 
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities in route optimization and more 
  • Provide proof of delivery for accounting purposes 
  • Integrate with your eCommerce system for consolidated processes 

Benefits for Your Customers with Shipment Tracking  

On the other end of the shipping process, your customers gain: 

  • Access to locating their packages at any time of the day 
  • Instant notifications on the shipping stage of their packages 
  • Positive buyer experience with your company 
  • Proof of Delivery for record-keeping purposes 


What You’re Guaranteed to Get Out of a Cloud Tracking Software?  

Technically, there’s nothing you can do to speed up the shipping process once the shipment leaves your warehouse or order fulfillment center. The one thing you can do, however, provides a positive customer experience during the last-mile delivery. 

How can you grant that to your customers? By boosting shipping transparency with tracking software! Not only that, but cloud tracking software specifically would also cater to your supply chain development. 

Understand what a cloud-based tracking software can deliver to your supply chain and customers: 

  • Growth Scalability: Enable technical capabilities that can match your increasing shipment volume that needs tracking as your supply chain grows 
  • Easy Onboarding Process: No need to spend more time and effort than required to integrate the cloud software and new carriers as needed 
  • Real-Time Tracking: See precisely where the shipments and packages are 
  • Instant Notifications: Know exactly when the shipments and packages arrive at each shipping stage 
  • Proof of Delivery: Receive electronic signatures when the shipment arrives at your customer’s door to minimize delay in the invoice accounting cycle 
  • Flexible Accessibility: Gain access to your tracking data anytime and anywhere with cloud technology 
  • Centralized Platform: Track all your shipments in one consolidated platform 
  • Customizable Configurations: Robust business rules of cloud tracking software can match and even improve your required processes 


What are the Benefits of Tracking in the Cloud?  

From the cloud tracking software deliverables above, you can probably begin to see how cloud tracking is beneficial to your business. Let’s expand on how those deliverables optimize your supply chain capabilities. 

Here are the benefits of integrating cloud tracking software: 

  • Improved communication and collaboration among your team thanks to its accessibility 
  • Speed up invoice accounting cycle by enabling electronic proof of delivery 
  • Effortlessly roll out software updates without disrupting your shipment tracking workflow 
  • Increased data accuracy by centralizing your shipment tracking data in the cloud platform 
  • Decrease IT investment costs with cloud tracking software that can scale with your business 
  • Increase the speed of your supply chain process by eliminating manual steps with your customized business rules 
  • Improved visibility in supply chain processes and carrier performance 

Shipment Tracking on Cloud


How Do Your Teams Benefit from a Cloud Tracking Software? 

With cloud tracking software, your company gains access to revenue-driven and customer-focused opportunities each team in your company can take advantage of.  

Supply Chain & Logistics Management Teams  

Focusing on efficiency, the supply chain and logistics management teams can better optimize shipping processes with cloud tracking software. Improved supply chain visibility is only the start of how cloud software transforms shipping. Meet supply chain and logistics’ goals with the robust business rules engine of a cloud tracking software. 

Operations Management Team  

With all shipment tracking data and processes in one centralized platform, the operations management team reduces business operations costs. The company can also go paperless with electronic proof of delivery that’s better for the environment. 

Warehouse Management Team  

Part of warehouse shipping is to keep an eye on the shipments during delivery. With a cloud tracking software, the warehouse management team can relinquish that responsibility to focus on other important tasks to optimize fulfillmentOther teams can easily track shipments from pickup to in-transit to proof of delivery anytime and anywhere within a cloud tracking software. 

Transportation Management Team 

With access to shipment tracking data, the transportation team can better manage the last-mile delivery process. Individual carrier portals can only store a certain number of shipment tracking data before it’s completely gone. The cloud tracking software stores all shipment tracking data in the cloud. The improved data visibility enables transportation management to optimized delivery routes for faster delivery time. 

Customer Support Team 

Access to real-time information of package tracking allows customer support to answer customers’ concerns quickly. In addition, integrating the tracking software with an eCommerce system boosts and enhances the buyer journey. A cloud tracking software is crucial to provide positive customer experiences that will increase customer retention. 


Your Next Steps for Tracking in Cloud  

Cloud-based tracking software, like ShipERP Cloud, broadens the supply chain capabilities you need to surpass your competitors. Integrate your unique business requirements with a cloud tracking solution that can fulfill them. In no time, you’ll achieve an optimized supply chain, happy customers, and improve your bottom line. 

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