A Quick Guide to Internal Parcel Tracking

You might be wondering why internal parcel tracking is essential, but rest assured there are plenty of reasons to invest in parcel tracking services. Namely, internal parcel tracking will keep your business competitive.

Customers these days expect a tracking number and regular shipment updates when submitting an order. They want to know what day their parcel will arrive and ideally, what time they can expect it to be delivered.  

If your business doesn't offer parcel tracking, customers may turn to competitors who provide more transparent shipping practices. Internal parcel tracking lets you quickly and accurately track packages that your organization ships. 


Internal parcel Tracking


Immediate Benefits of Internal Parcel Tracking 

Internal parcel tracking has several significant benefits for your business. The benefits of the software have been outlined below. 

Package Location 

Never lose a package again with internal parcel tracking. The tracking number lets you follow the progress of a package from pick-up to delivery. If there are delays or shipping issues, you can see where the breakdown is in your shipping process. 

Increased Efficiency 

Quickly locating packages also increases supply chain efficiency and makes your job easier. You no longer must spend time searching for lost packages. Without tracking capabilities, you’ll spend more money on returns. 

Contactless Confirmation 

The global pandemic has made contactless package delivery more critical than ever. With contactless confirmation, your delivery team can hand off packages to customers without worrying about getting too close. The package can be left on the doorstep with a photo confirmation of delivery from the team. The image shows the job was completed and lets customers know where they can find their package, whether it's at the side door or on the porch. 


internal parcel tracking magnifying glass on box labels


How Does Internal Parcel Tracking Software Improve Customer Experience?

Business is all about customer service, and parcel tracking will improve customer experience in three ways. 

Improve Business Transparency 

Customers appreciate transparent business practices because it reduces the number of customer service calls they must make. All the information they need about their shipment is readily available online. Customers are a lot happier when all they must do is enter a tracking number to see their package's status.  

Enable Peace of Mind

The order updates also provide customers with peace of mind. The shipping process is no longer a mystery. Instead, they know where their package is and what day they can expect their parcel to arrive.  

Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Another common issue parcel tracking clears up is delivery location. Too often, a customer complains about a missing package just to discover later that the parcel was dropped at the side door instead of the front door. Parcel tracking lets the delivery team leave a note regarding the shipment to customers, so they know exactly where their package was placed.  


finding package at door by internal parcel tracking


What are the Features of an Internal Parcel Tracking Software? 

Now that you know how beneficial parcel tracking software can be for your business, you may be wondering about all the features that come with this service. Below is a list of a few main features you can expect in your parcel tracking software.  

User-Friendly Interface 

A major logistics concern with new software is typically the user interface. You need technology that is easy to use and simple to understand. Luckily, parcel tracking software is both user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. Integrating this software into your company is quick, and your team will be able to pick up on the features and functions right away.  

Shipment Tracking Functions 

The software's tracking features include a tracking number, progress notifications, and proof of delivery. You, your customer service team, and your customers will be able to see when a package has been picked up, when it's in transit, and when the package is delivered.  

Robust Data and Analytics 

One central value of parcel tracking software is the analytics it provides about the shipping process. The data collected by the system can show you which carriers are the least efficient and which shipment routes can be improved, as well as several other details that can be used to increase your business efficiency.  


Set Up a Parcel Tracking Software for Your Business 

Parcel tracking technology has a variety of features and tools available depending on your business needs. You can implement barcode readers, tracking numbers, Proof of Delivery, or other tracking features to increase efficiency and improve customer service.  

If you're interested in improving your shipping processes and building customer trust, sign up for a free demo of ShipERP's parcel tracking software. 

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