#1 Customer Retention Tool: Web-Based Package Tracking Software

Did you know that a web-based package tracking software has the potential to increase your customer lifetime value? With package tracking, you quickly enable positive customer experiences that leave your customers coming back to you for more business! 

It’s time you learn the secrets on what goes into retaining your customer’s loyalty. 

Customer retention requires a strategy. Businesses, from one-person operations to enterprises, focus heavily on retaining customers and improving their lifetime value.  

Web-based package tracking software fits perfectly into most business' customer retention plans because: 

  • It extends the lifetime value of the customer
  • Reduces costs – fewer customer calls
  • Fully integrated solutions without massive hardware requirements
  • Improve distribution efficiency 

When your business has shipping software logistics in place, you increase customer happiness, reduce overhead and improve loyal customer retention 


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What Is Web-based Package Tracking Software? 

Tracking software allows for multiple shipping options and easy, automatic tracking of all items. Unique tracking numbers are generated to enable businesses to track both incoming and outgoing packages. 

But what does "web-based" mean? 

The term web-based is used interchangeably with cloud-based hosting or software as a service (SaaS) solution. Unlike an in-house solution, middleware is cut out of the equation to allow for easy setup and fewer IT solutions costs. 

With the least amount of hassle, a cloud-based solution provides fast and efficient tracking software that allows your business to: 

  • Enter new markets 
  • Improve resiliency 
  • Grow faster 

Flexible and scalable, web-based solutions are maintenance-free, allowing your business to focus on what it does best. Updates and delivery are pushed right on the cloud to reduce your need to expand IT teams and ensure that your business has the latest software version, patches, and updates. 

Web-based tracking does more than benefit your business personally – it benefits your customers, too. 

Customers know where their shipment is in the world, and it's easy for your business to trace all packages. Your business can enhance your distribution network with full proof of delivery for each shipment. 

The right solution allows you to view all shipment data and also email Proof of Delivery in an instant. 


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Pros and Cons of Web-based Package Tracking Software 

Web-based software allows your business to negate the costs of running new, expensive servers. As your business grows, you only need to log into the solution and never worry about infrastructure advancements. 

The pros and cons of web-based tracking software are: 


  • Accessible anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection 
  • Reduce customer service calls 
  • Increase customer retention with tracking software
  • Maintain inbound shipments
  • Build customer loyalty 


  • Rely on third-party to host your solution 
  • Less control over your data 

When you used a web-based solution, your company doesn't have to worry about software or hardware updates. All of the logistics behind operating the software are entirely in the company's hands, offering the service. 

It's easier to pay a third-party that handles all of the infrastructure and software requirements from a business standpointBased on your shipping volume, solutions can be scaled up or down without the large capital requirements involved. 

It can cost five times more to attract a new customer than to sell to a returning customer. Returning customers are also far more likely to buy new products from you than new customers. 


What Can A You Offer to Customers to Extend Their Lifetime Value? 

Businesses like yours should work to extend the lifetime value of their customers. The less time you spend chasing new customers, the more time you can spend working on improving your product or service. 

Returning customers are high-value, more likely to buy, and cost less to maintain. 

From a small business to an enterprise, many companies' key is to try and extend every customer's lifetime value.  

A few ways to boost the lifetime value of a customer include: 

  • Real-time package tracking for customers to always to know where their package is so that they don’t have to seek answers from customer service agents 
  • Increased lifetime value by raising rates or offering more products that customers have requested
  • Multiple support channels, such as web-based tracking, to improve customer service
  • Build customer relationships to reduce customer churn levels by as much as 16% 
  • Collecting actionable customer feedback to learn how you can improve your products and services 
  • Monitoring feedback to find customer pain points and provide solutions 
  • personalized experience for your customers 
  • A holistic software that will help you drive customer loyalty for your business 

Businesses should always try and find ways to increase the lifetime value of their customers. The methods above need to be implemented, reviewed, and put into action multiple times throughout your business' operations. Adapting and adjusting to customer needs is key to long-term business success. 

Web-based package tracking like ShipERP Cloud opens the door for your business to integrate your current solutions into a web-based system. There's no need for expensive new infrastructure, and you'll be able to increase the lifetime value of your customers. 

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