German Export 101: Automation with ShipATLAS

Are you a German shipper looking to simplify your export process? If you look at one of the first steps of your shipping process, you’ll see that you need to file export declarations to the German customs authorities. This step is where you optimize to streamline your exporting for faster processing! 

If your goods are valued at more than 1,000 euros and/or weigh more than 1,000 kg, then federal regulation requires all German exporters shipping out of the EU to file their export declarations through Automatisiertes Tarif-und Lokales Zollabwicklungssystem Zoll (ATLAS Zoll). The regulation includes all means of transport you decide on! 

As we've turned into the new year of 2021, EU-mandated regulations now includes the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, in the customs process. Now post-Brexit, German shippers exporting to the UK must file their export declarations through ATLAS.

Using an SAP-integrated export software, quickly file German export declarations for shipments out of the EU. Consider ShipATLAS, a German export system software that allows you to automate and comply with the export declaration process! 


ShipATLAS Infographic


Your Future ShipATLAS Benefits  

With ShipATLAS, you can be sure that your shipments will get to your non-EU destination while following all the best practices for German exports.  

Simplify your export process by integrating ShipATLAS, which makes it easy to: 

  • Expedite your German export document filings with automation directly in your SAP ERP system
  • Receive certified messages (e.g. processing and completion statuses) from the German custom authorities
  • Use business rules, master data, and the ATLAS code list to auto-complete form fields in export documents
  • Integrate German Federal Customs Administration’s responses and export forms in your SAP ERP system  


Your Future German Export Process Using ShipATLAS 

How does ShipATLAS simplify Germany’s custom clearance process? 

Your exporting is streamlined by integrating the export declarations filing and communications with the German customs office into your SAP ERP system. The integration makes it easier for your supply chain to handle every step internally in one screen, which boosts your overall efficiency. 

Understand the ATLAS Zoll and ShipATLAS process with this visual diagram of the functional process:

Process of filing German export declarations through ATLAS Zoll 

Here’s the breakdown of the basic German export and customs clearance process: 

  1. File export declarations to German customs authorities through ATLAS Zoll
  2. Receive approval of export declarations from the German customs office
  3. Receive accompanying export documents for carriers from the German customs office
  4. Receive notifications for the arrival of shipments at the exit customs office for presentation 

ShipATLAS puts all these steps into your current SAP ERP platform for maximum efficiency and productivity. German customs clearance has never been this easy for your end-users! 


Your Future Return on Investment with ShipATLAS 

ShipATLAS is the most efficient method to file export declarations, track custom responses, and automate the process directly within your SAP system. It’s the perfect solution for your German exporting processes to achieve customs clearance! 

It’s time for you to gain these ShipATLAS benefits: 

  • Enjoy a faster German export process thanks to automation with business rules
  • Ensure German federal customs compliancy which is vital to your export shipping process
  • Improve logistical clarity of exports by elimination the risk of human error that costs time and money
  • Prevent legal penalties and costly fines by storing the correct and required data in your SAP ERP for future export declarations through ATLAS 

Sign up for a free product demo of ShipERP’s SAP-integrated ATLAS system to expedite your German export declarations for shipments out of the EU. Gain confidence in your EU-mandated compliance! 


Automate German export declarations

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