6 Mobile Hacks to Optimize Your Supply Chain Processes


Some supply chain professionals are bogged down by not having mobile devices to supplement their daily tasks. That doesn’t have to be you! Learn what type of mobile tools are at your disposal to develop efficient processes.

Are you making full use of the available technology to optimize your supply chain?

According to ASUG research, only 32% of supply chain professionals use mobile devices for their jobs. Many supply chain professionals are missing opportunities to refine their day-to-day tasks with easily accessible data. Adopting mobile technology for your processes will set you ahead of your peers. Mobile applications are a must for operational success, especially in today’s competitive business environment.

Let’s look at what mobile tools can do for you and what is available!


What can supply chain professionals accomplish with mobile tools?

Supply chain functions, like inventory management, can improve with the help of mobile technology. Currently, only 25% of SAP supply chain customers use mobile devices, e.g. tablets, to access their current inventory. Tapping into your inventory data with a mobile device is a possibility for transforming your workflows!

Aside from inventory management, you can use mobile tools to track shipments, collaborate with parties involved in the shipping process, and much more. Connecting to these supply chain functions serve to drive real-time visibility into your logistics.


What types of mobile applications are available for supply chain professionals?

Not all companies have the resources and time to build mobile solutions for their employees. Those custom projects require specialized coding abilities and the time to research supply chain user needs. Fortunately, there are already mobile applications you can implement now that don’t require in-house coding skills. These preconfigured solutions won’t disrupt your supply chain processes!

So, what exactly is available for your supply chain employees? Here’s a quick list of mobile solution types to improve your supply chain:

  • Inventory management: Gain access to your inventory at your fingertips! With an inventory management application, you’re able to determine your stock levels to make well-informed decisions on forecasting and inventory planning.
  • Warehouse management: Quickly locate goods in your warehouse to optimize your pick, pack, and ship process directly in a mobile app. For workers on-the-go, this is especially helpful in their daily tasks!
  • Supplier management: Seamlessly collaborate with your suppliers within an app to quickly resolve issues, track production progress, and access order histories. Solutions like SupplierPORTAL can standardize purchase order processes, enhance real-time visibility, and save costs.
  • Carrier tracking & management: Expedite your carrier communication in a tracking and management application. A web solution like CarrierPORTAL allows you to track and view delivery statuses, as well as provide proof of delivery without faxing and emailing scanned documents.
  • Barcode scanning: No need for special equipment to scan barcodes! With a barcode scanning app on mobile devices, your warehouse workers can swiftly scan barcodes that might have been hard to reach if they had a bulky device instead. In addition, scanned data can also be easily shared across multiple platforms and teams!
  • Task management: If your employees use mobile devices, they might as well enforce a streamlined workflow using a task management app. Keeping track of their tasks for various projects via mobile will vastly improve your supply chain’s productivity.

The list above doesn’t encompass all the possibilities your supply chain can utilize. Dive into some research for supply chain mobile applications! You’ll discover a vast list of opportunities for you to give your supply chain a digital transformation. Pick and choose which applications and solutions would best fit your supply chain processes; you don’t need every type of mobile tool to make your job easier!


A few of the functions mentioned in the types of mobile solutions above can be consolidated into a shipping software like ShipERP that can be integrated with SAP. Reach out to our team to understand how our shipping solution can optimize your supply chain logistics, from carrier rate shopping in one screen to tracking all your shipments in its shipping lifecycle.

Execute a Digital Transformation of Your Supply Chain

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