How SMBs Use SAP Business One for a Better Supply Chain

Discover how SAP Business One supports the growth of your small or mid-sized business (SMBs).

It's a common misconception to believe that SAP only works for large enterprises. But SAP actually offers software that allows businesses of all sizes to access enterprise-level functionalities! Achieve the business growth of your dreams with SAP Business One.

It's time to operate your business as a large enterprise with SAP Business One.


Using SAP Business One in warehouse team


What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specifically designed for SMBs. You can rest assured that you're using an affordable solution to manage your entire business. The platform centralizes all your crucial business processes, like supply chain and accounting, to provide greater visibility.

With improved visibility, you'll gain better control of your business to drive profitable growth. Gain the confidence to make better business decisions with greater insights thanks to SAP Business One.

And the best part of SAP Business One? The SMB management software grows with your company!

If your company expands overnight and must handle higher shipment volume, SAP Business One can handle it all. Soon enough, your SMB will become a large enterprise before you even realize it.


5 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs SAP Business One

Running a successful business means using the right tools. Here are some reasons why SAP Business One is the right tool for your SMB success:

  1. Access enterprise-level functionalities without the high cost
  2. Improve supply chain management with consolidated shipping functions that allow greater visibility and control
  3. Gain greater insights into your customers' needs when you have all your sales and customer data in one place
  4. Configure SAP Business One to meet your business requirements and your industry best practices
  5. Improve your business decision-making process with SAP Business One's real-time analytics and reporting


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Which functionalities do most SAP Business One shippers need?

If you ship parcels and packages regularly, SAP Business One is a solution that allows you to control completely every aspect of your operations, including the supply chain.

Here are some SAP Business One key capabilities to bolster your supply chain:

  • Financial management: Consolidate purchase orders and invoicing with the rest of your financial operations to speed up the accounting process
  • Inventory management: Integrate with your warehouses to access your inventory levels and the location of your products
  • Web-based access: View and complete your supply chain tasks from anywhere at any time with mobile access
  • Sales and customer management: Oversee your entire sales process from initial contact to final sale and after-sales support
  • Procurement processing: Streamline your purchase orders, requisition requests, returns management, and more
  • Real-time analytics: Track and analyze your data faster than ever to make smart supply chain decisions for your business growth

SAP Business One offers more than the list above for the other aspects of your business operations. Learn more about SAP Business One here.


SAP Business One for SMB Supply Chains


What are the deployment options for SAP Business One?

There are three main deployment options for you to access SAP Business One. Luckily, any option you choose is configurable for your unique business requirements.

  1. Cloud: Never worry about costly IT maintenance by deploying SAP Business One Cloud, which scales with your growth for a monthly license fee
  2. On-premise: Comply with internal data security policies by deploying SAP Business One on premise
  3. Mobile: Manage your business processes anytime, anywhere on any mobile device

Which option is the best for your business and supply chain? View the technical information and system hardware requirements you need for the latest SAP Business One version to be ready for implementation.


Why do you need shipping software with your SAP Business One?

While SAP Business One can undoubtedly handle your business's management, you might still need some fine-tuning for your processes. For example, you might require a multi-carrier shipping solution software to strengthen your supply chain foundation.

Your Next Steps to Shipping Success

Want to support your supply chain foundation? Look no further! We understand your shipping requirements to offer our technology and expertise for your future success.

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