Monthly News Round-Up: December 2020

It's the end of 2020! Many changes occurred throughout this year because of supply chain disruptions, and companies scrambled to adapt quicklyWe're wrapping up 2020 with updates in the SAP and the supply chain industry for December!  


What's New in the Global Trade & Logistics Industry? 

U.K. and Singapore Sign Brexit Agreement 

The U.K. and Singapore sign a free trade agreement worth over $22 billion in early December. The deal eliminates tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers between the two countries. Reflecting Singapore's deal with the E.U., duties will be eliminated by November 2024. 


FedEx Lowers Parcel Surcharges 

Effective this upcoming January 18, FedEx will lower surcharges on oversized shipments, shipments requiring special handling, and shipments under its SmartPost service. The new postal rates will apply to U.S. air and ground services, as well as international ground services. For more information, visit FreightWaves to gain logistical insights on the new surcharges. 


Amazon Plans for Its First Fulfillment Center in South Dakota 

Launching in 2022, Amazon plans to open its first fulfillment center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The center will generate 1,000 full-time jobs for employees to work with Amazon robotics to pick, pack, and ship orders. Discover what key personnel in Amazon and South Dakota has to say about this new endeavor. 


U.S. Xpress Partners with MIT to Develop a Roadmap for Trucker Efficiency 

The asset-based truckload carrier U.S. Xpress partners with MIT's Center for Transportation & Logistics to research and develop a roadmap that improves driver efficiency. Federal regulations limit truck drivers to 14-hour shifts, with 11 of those hours spent driving. The roadmap's goal is to safely maximize the efficiency within the 11-hour drive to benefit shippers, drivers, and the company.

The MIT researchers will study U.S. Xpress' data, such as GPS statistics, driver hours-of-service records, and more, to create the roadmap. These findings are set to publish next year in summer 2021. For more information, visit the U.S. Xpress press release. 



What's New with SAP? 

New Chief Design Officer Steps Up to the User Experience Plate 

Formerly from Google, Benedikt Lenhardt joins the SAP company as its new Chief Design Officer, effective January 1. Lehnert joins Alexander Lingg, head of the SAP User Experience organization, to focus on a design-led development. Their efforts will focus on SAP's client needs in designing its software application across all SAP's products.  


SAP Launched New Solution for Financial Efficiency 

The company launched SAP Intelligent Trade Claims Management as a cloud-native solution in SAP's industry cloud. The application leverages smart technology to automate and improve the trade claims process between retailers and consumer product companies. Companies eliminate the inaccurate, costly, and time-consuming manual process of claims matching process. The solution promises improved visibility and compliance, as well as reduced financial risk.  


SAP Plans to Release New Cloud-Based Solution for Human Resources 

To better manage the workforce's time, SAP sets to release SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking solution for organizations in January. Simple but innovative tools within the cloud-based solution allow for improved flexibility, streamlined administration, and enhanced transparency of an organization's workforce. 



What's New with ShipERP? 

Discover these supply chain and technology insights: 


Do you spend too much time and money on freight auditing? Learn how you can simplify and automate your freight auditing processes with AuditERP in our visual guide. 


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Inaccurate shipment address data is a challenge all shippers still face no matter how complex supply chain technology improves—discover ShipAVM, the hard-hitter solution that tackles address correction fees. 


COVID-19 disrupted the entire supply chain industry this year. As we move into 2021, here are 12 lessons we've learned from disruptions to build a resilient supply chain for the future. 


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