Monthly News Round-Up: January 2021

It's a new year, but the supply chain industry isn’t slowing down! If anything, the industry is ramping up for another busy year despite the pandemic. Let’s kick off the beginning of the year with acquisitions in freight carriers, new regulations in logistics, and new SAP offerings you might’ve missed this month. 


What’s New in Transportation and Freight? 

TFI International Acquires UPS Freight for $800M 

UPS is selling its LTL business (UPS Freight) to the Canadian-based trucking company TFI International for $800 million. TFI plans to combine UPS Freight with its existing LTL business segment in the second quarter of the year 2021, soon after the deal’s expected closure. The combined LTL services will be renamed to “TForce Freight.” For more information about the deal, visit FreightWaves. 

Amazon Boosts Airfreight Capacity 

Over the next two years, Amazon plans to invest and add 11 new planes into its air network to meet customer needs globally. Four of the planes will come online this year after passenger to cargo operations conversion. The rest of the aircrafts will be available for operations by 2022. Read about the expansion directly in Amazon’s press release. 

Several Freight Carriers Invests in Self-Driving Technology Company 

Both Werner Enterprises and U.S. Xpress Enterprises made back-to-back investments in the self-driving technology vendor TuSimpleThe companies join Schneider, VectoIQ, and other notable members in TuSimple’s Executive Advisory BoardTuSimple aims to bring to market an autonomous solution for long-haul freight transportation. 


What’s New with Global Trade and Logistics? 

EU Seeks to Extend the EU-UK Free Trade Deal to April 

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement was still in progress after the informal deadline at the end of 2020. Both sides, therefore, agreed the treaty would apply provisionally on January 1 with an agreement deadline at the end of February. The EU, however, now wants to push the deadline until April for more time to scrutinize the treaty and to translate the treaty into 23 official languages. 

Amazon Adds Five Fulfillment Centers in Detroit 

Amazon currently operates 10 fulfillment centers in Detroit but plans to expand its supply chain operations in 2021 with five more facilitiesThe new facilities will support: 

  • Same-day deliveries 
  • Handling of big and bulky items 
  • Sorting and distribution
  • Picking, packing and shipping small items with robotic equipment 

U.S. Government Imposes New Tariffs on France and Germany 

After failing to resolve a dispute over aircraft subsidies with the European Union, the U.S. will collect duties on aircraft parts. The U.S. imposes an additional 15% tariff on aircraft components like fuselage and wing assembles. Additionally, there is now a 25% duty on specific wines.   


What’s New with SAP? 

Launch of New SAP Solutions 

Microsoft Teams Plans to Integrate with SAP’s Intellgient Suite of Solutions 

With an increase reliance on Microsoft Teams in the last year, SAP dives right into enabling innovation and improving productivity by integrating Microsoft Teams with SAP solutions. The integration is planned for delivery by mid-2021. Discover what SAP CEO Christian Klein and other notable executives have to say about this collaboration and integration in SAP Press Room. 


What’s New with ShipERP? 

Discover new supply chain and technology insights to kick start your new year: 


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