Monthly News Round-Up: April 2021

Don’t miss out on the top supply chain and technology news of April 2021! This month is brimming with valuable insights from the Suez Canal issue, major carrier expansions, and new SAP partnerships. 


What’s New in Global Trade & Logistics?  

UK Exports to EU Partially Rebounds After January Slump  

The Office for National Statistics reported that UK exports to the EU this year are below 2020 export levels. With the new trade laws coming into play in January 2021, many organizations struggle with compliance which can be seen in the economy at 7.8% smaller than last year. However, official statistics show a 46.6% increase in exports following January. Check out the full GDP report from the UK released this month.  

Britain Lifts Travel Restrictions on Truck Drivers  

Britain previously imposed travel restrictions on truckers to regulate potential border chaos due to Brexit regulations. The country required truckers to use access permits at specific entry points, which raised concerns for delays and traffic jams. The British government recently announced a lift on these measures due to freight volume now “at normal levels.” Read more from the Associated Press 

Effects from the Suez Canal Blockage to Stretch into June  

Several port authorities expect the Suez Canal blockage to delay shipments and general operational challenges well into Q2. Port congestion and delays at origins and destinations will worsen the container shortage in Asia over the next few weeks before easing in June. The most significant impact is on the route of China/East Asia to Northern Europe. Discover more Suez Canal blockage insights from Supply Chain Dive.  


What’s New in Transportation & Freight?  

DHL eCommerce Solutions Launches 100% Carbon-Neutral Service  

A division of DHL Group, DHL eCommerce Solutions, relaunched an entirely carbon-neutral Expedited Max delivery service in the US. As a result of DHL’s sustainability roadmap, the division dives right into emission-free services. The company reports that all US flats and parcel customers will view a personalized carbon emissions report of their shipments. Learn more about this sustainability development directly from DHL’s press release 

UPS Buys Electric Vertical Aircrafts to Support Package Delivery  

The major carrier bought ten electrical vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts (eVTOLs) from Beta Technologies to speed up package delivery in small markets. UPS will be testing the use of the aircrafts in its Express Air delivery network. The eVTOLs operations fall under UPS’s Flight Forward division which is also currently exploring drone delivery. Read more about UPS’s initiative with eVTOLs from CNBC 


What’s New with SAP?  

SAP Releases New SAP SuccessFactors Enhancements  

To support the transition back to the office, SAP announced new updates to the SAP SuccessFactors solutions. The enhancements allow organizations to connect and empower their employees safely as they return to the office. The first half of 2021 will see vaccination monitoring portals, better training analytics, and easier user experiences. Find out the details of the SAP SuccessFactors updates in the SAP Press Room 

Accenture and SAP Expand Partnership for Sustainability Initiatives  

Accenture and SAP extend their partnership to support other organizations with sustainability practices from strategy to execution. With both companies’ full efforts, the partnership will create new solutions that will accelerate de-carbonizing supply chains. Read more about the SAP and Accenture Partnership from the SAP Press Room 


What’s New with ShipERP 

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