ShipERP Integrates BCC Distribution Mobile RF Technology into Warehouse Management Solution

The warehouse is a key area of business for any enterprise, especially aerospace manufacturers, where success relies heavily upon real-time data to track the perpetual motion of materials. Efficiency is the name of the game, and mobile RF technology enables speed and agility, from warehouse to delivery. All day long, warehouse workers are performing tasks critical to the business, from receiving, put-away, and let-down, to replenishment, picking, packing, and shipping.

BCC Distribution’s Holistic Approach to Mobile SAP Supply Chain Management

To improve inventory control and tracking for businesses running SAP software (S/4HANA or ECC 6.0), and utilizing IM, WM, EWM, and other SAP modules, BCC Distribution delivers turn-key mobile RF scanning and enterprise label printing solutions that directly integrate real-time barcode automation into a company’s SAP business system. 
The mission is to deliver barcoding automation solutions that follow 4 key principles:

  • Ease of use
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Achieve immediate ROI with hard dollar costs savings
  • Increase inventory accuracy while managing inventory errors

For over 20 years, BCC Distribution has been the premier provider of complete barcode automation and data collection solutions. BCCD offers clients best-of-breed mobile terminals certified with the latest Android and Windows operating systems, 1D and 2D barcode scanners to meet nearly any scanning requirement, stationary and mobile barcode label printers, along with state-of-the-art SAP-integrated software and technical services to deliver best practice barcoding and RFID solutions designed for SAP ERP business systems.




BCC Distribution and ShipERP: a SaaS Partnership Made in SAP Heaven

When paired with ShipERP’s flagship solution for SAP, the RF infrastructure tracks products and feeds information into SAP software, where ShipERP’s powerful ABAP-native business rules engine facilitates and executes automated shipping processes. Both BCC Distribution and ShipERP are distinguished SAP Silver Partners. Together, their best-in-class products offer seamless compatibility, streamlined processes, and unparalleled warehouse visibility.

Mobile RF Terminal Integration with ShipEWM for Automated Tracking & Labeling

BCC Distribution stands at the forefront of the barcoding and RFID technology sectors. As a Zebra Certified Solution Partner and Systems Integrator, BCCD provides an extensive array of mobile computers and RF barcode scanning terminal solutions. From handheld barcode scanners and durable tablets to voice-controlled wearables and vehicle-mounted computers, BCCD has tools to empower your workforce in virtually any scenario.

Complementing this, ShipEWM boasts an architectural design primed for seamless integration throughout your enterprise. Regardless of your operational goals and methodologies, ShipEWM can be tailored to enhance your operational efficiency. The information captured from BCCD terminals can afford your business with mission-critical data analytics and real-time reporting so you can monitor deliveries across your production line (and support end-user satisfaction).

Learn more about shipping with EWM

Barcode and Label Printing for Accurate and Compliant Shipping

BCC Distribution understands barcode label printing and RFID printing/encoding technology far beyond the label. As an industry leading and certified barcode technology reseller, integrator, and solutions implementation company for nearly 25 years, BCCD has successfully delivered barcode scanning, data collection, and barcode label printing solutions for over 650 customers globally. 

Customers who also leverage ShipERP's compliance features can enjoy automated label printing functionality like:

  • Carrier label printing in SAP
  • HAZMAT shipping label compliance
  • Export documentation for customs clearance 
  • Bill of Lading and commercial invoices printing 
  • Return label printing 
  • and much more 

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ShipERP’s Warehouse Resources

ShipERP is dedicated to fostering digital supply chain transformations for companies, from privately held businesses to large, global enterprises. ShipERP's products provide sophisticated shipping management functionality to users of any ERP system, helping enterprises achieve more efficient shipping operations while reducing labor and freight costs. ShipERP Core and ShipERP Cloud are designed to fulfill business shipping requirements for parcel shipping.

Want to know more about integrative technology for warehouse and shipping optimization? Check out the following materials to learn more:

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